Indian Man breaks Record with World’s Largest Marker Pen

An Indian man from Kerala has broken a Guinness World Record after he and his team created the world’s largest marker pen.

Indian Man breaks Record with World's Largest Marker Pen f

the hope that it would "inspire and motivate a new generation"

An Indian man has built the world’s largest marker pen, thus achieving a Guinness World Record.

Muhammed Dileef, a resident of Kerala, worked with a small team of helpers to construct a fully-working marker pen which is nine foot long and one foot wide.

Although the record was officially set on September 5, 2020, Guinness World Records shared a video of the pen being constructed on November 10, 2020.

The caption read: “Building the world’s biggest marker pen – India’s Muhammed Dileef’s got the write stuff.”

In the video, Muhammed is seen rolling a large spongy square into a cylinder before adding black paint to create the pen’s nib.

He and his team are then seen creating the main part of the pen, using industrial-grade tools, spray paint and a lot of sandpaper.

The team are finally seen assembling the pen, complete with a lid.

After the pen is finally finished, the team each hold a part of the pen while Muhammed writes “India” and proves that it works.

Guinness World Records recognised the achievement and said it was an official world record. The pen officially measures 2.745 m x 0.315 m.

It was revealed that the Indian man built the pen in the hope that it would “inspire and motivate a new generation to read”.

Since the video was shared, it has seen more than 7,000 reactions and hundreds of comments from impressed social media users.

One person said: “Great creativity.”

Another commented: “This is made for Thanos (Avengers).”

One joked: “In case Hulk need to sign any document.”

One person expressed how proud they were of Muhammed and his team, writing:

“The very first word ‘India’ you wrote from your heart.

“May you inspire many people who live in India but don’t give heart to India. Great work proud of you guys.”

Another said: “Very good try. The word India that you finally wrote is fantastic.”

There have been numerous world records which have been broken in India. In one case, 16-year-old Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat broke the record for having the longest hair on a teenager, measuring 170.5 cm.

On her secret for having such long hair, Nilanshi revealed that she applies a homemade hair oil prepared by her mother, yet did not disclose the secret ingredient.

She said: “I love my hair, I never want to get my hair chopped. It was mum’s dream to get my name in (the) Guinness Book of World Records.”

Nilanshi further added how this new world record has led her to newfound fame. She said:

“I am happy that I made (the) Guinness Book of World Records. There is a new world in my life. The entire world has started knowing me.”

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