Indian Hacker takes Employer Websites Down for No Pay

Dipesh Buddhabhatti, an Indian hacker, has been charged for bringing his former employer’s websites offline because they did not pay his salary.

Indian Hacker takes Employer Websites Down for No Pay f

"The servers were down for almost two months"

An Indian man, Dipesh Buddhabhatti, aged 24, based in Mumbai, hacked two websites of his former employer following a dispute over the lack of payment of his salary.

Matunga police brought Buddhabhatti into Mumbai on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, after arresting him in the city Bhuj in Gujarat.

Buddhabhatti admitted the crime and said he hacked into the company websites and took them offline because the company he was working for caused him huge losses due to his salary not being paid.

He said he was very angry and wanted to take revenge against his ex-employer because his salary was delayed for many months.

According to the police report, Buddhabhatti was working in Gujarat in the Bhuj division of an established manufacturing company based in Mumbai with its headquarters are in Matunga.

The company did a lot of its business online and its websites were vital for their transactions.

When they were hacked in 2018, they did not know who had committed the crime against them and because they were down for nearly two months it resulted in major losses for the firm.

Only after they managed to get their websites restored and function did a representative from the company contact police and register an FIR (First Information Report) regarding the hacked outage.

An in-depth police operation involving cybercrime specialists got underway and a team was formed, which was led by Inspectors Vinay Patankar and Maruti Shelake. Their job was to trace the hackers responsible.

The investigation eventually honed in on Buddhabhatti. They tracked his location in Bhuj and subsequently, arrived at his house to arrest him on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.

After interrogation, police revealed that Buddhabhatti was an ex-employee of the company and had not been paid for a few months, after which he left his job.

Then despite the company paying him the owed salary at a later date, the accused still wanted to avenge the treatment he received from the company. Therefore, he decided to hack the two websites and bring them down.

Talking of the crime, a police officer said:

“The hacking was really complex. The servers were down for almost two months, between April and June 2018.

“The company has claimed it suffered a huge loss due to this. The accused is well educated, and well versed in technology.”

Dipesh Buddhabhatti has been charged by police under the specific sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act.

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