Indian Entrepreneur turns to Tea Selling post-Lockdown

Indian entrepreneur and MBA diploma holder Kamlesh has opened a successful tea stall in Allahabad as a result of the pandemic.

Indian Entrepreneur turns to Tea Selling post-Lockdown f

No work is small when it comes to survival

An Indian MBA diploma holder and entrepreneur has turned to tea selling in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Twenty-nine-year-old Kamlesh has an MBA degree from SR College of Lucknow. However, he has recently taken on a new venture as a result of the pandemic.

Kamlesh had previously invested Rs. 10 lakh (£10,000), in a Haryana networking firm.

However, he lost the money when the company was forced to close as a result of the lockdown.

Kamlesh has taken the loss in his stride and is now running a chai stall in Prayagraj Avenue.

The stall not only brings tea to Allahabad but also hope for youths around India.

The entrepreneur takes inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “vocal for local” and “Atmanibhar Bharat” concept.

Kamlesh said: “While lockdown brought unemployment to several youths, there was only two choices youths like me had – either to bow down before adversities or start life afresh with more enthusiasm.

“Since our Prime Minister wants us to become atmanibhar, this was the perfect idea.”

Indian Entrepreneur turns to Tea Selling post-lockdown -

Kamlesh believes that no work is small when it comes to survival and that his success during such testing times is a result of his survival skills.

In a statement, he said: “When pessimism and depression started dominating me, this idea of opening a tea stall with the name ‘MBA Tandoori Chai’ in the civil lines area clicked me.”

Kamlesh completed his MBA after his BCom from Harishchandra PG College of Varanasi.

The Indian entrepreneur originally invested £80 into his tea stall.

Now, he is expanding his small business as a result of its growing success.

Today, he employs six other youths to assist him. He has also come up with more stalls serving momos and burgers to customers.

According to Kamlesh, his MBA degree is not going to waste.

He plans to expand his small business further, where his education will be vital to the planning and execution of his new unexpected venture.

The meaning behind MBA Tandoori Chai is to send a positive message to the younger generation who may be struggling during the lockdown.

Kamlesh wants to spread the word that there is no substitute for hard work.

He also encourages youths to use their skills in case unemployment leaves no alternative.

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