Indian Couple ‘sail’ to Wedding in Cooking Pot

A video has gone viral of an Indian couple travelling to their wedding venue in a large cooking pot amid the ongoing floods in Kerala.

Indian Couple 'sail' to Wedding in Cooking Pot f

"there is no other way but to use the pot."

An Indian couple has gone viral after they took an unconventional method of transport to their wedding venue.

Amid the ongoing floods in Kerala, they ‘sailed’ to their ceremony in a giant cooking pot.

Video footage showed the groom, Akash Kunjumon, and his bride, A Aishwarya, floating along the muddy waters in the large cooking vessel in the city of Alappuzha.

Meanwhile, three men are seen wading through the water to ensure that the cooking pot remained stable.

The video has attracted a lot of local attention, with many celebrating the good news after days of heavy rainfall that has resulted in dozens of deaths.

Akash revealed that they were determined to get to the wedding venue but were unable to find a boat. He added:

“People from the temple arranged the pot for us.

“There was a brother who had helped with everything. He told us that there is no other way but to use the pot.”

Once the pot was arranged, the couple, dressed in their wedding attire, climbed in.

The groom continued: “We travelled in that pot for at least 20 minutes to get to the venue.”

He praised those who helped them navigate the waters, which had “a strong undercurrent”.

Although the couple’s journey to the wedding venue went surprisingly well, their relationship has not always been smooth.

Akash works as a cleaner. He revealed he first met 22-year-old nursing assistant Aishwarya at a hospital late in 2020.

The pair made their relationship official in February 2021.

He said: “We met, fell in love and got together as we were on Covid duty.”

Akash said that some of Aishwarya’s relatives were against their relationship because they belonged to different castes.

He continued: “I am Ezhava and she is from Nair caste.

“Her parents were okay with it, but her relatives, especially some uncles, were opposing it. So we eloped.”

After the Indian couple ran away, Aishwarya’s family filed a police report against Akash.

However, police officials supported the decision, describing the couple as independent adults.

At the wedding, only a few people attended due to a number of reasons. This includes the floods, a lack of family support and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Akash added:

“My father swam to the temple and my mother, grandmother and sisters used another pot.”

“The photographer had to struggle. But he knew the story and was ready to take the risk.”

Aishwarya admitted that her wedding was “strange” and that her family’s absence had left her “disheartened”.

But she and her new husband “never expected such a reaction” to their unconventional start to married life.

Aishwarya added: “Everyone was thrilled. With God’s grace, we got married.”

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