Husband of Suicide Actress Chitra arrested by Police

Days after South Indian actress Chitra had allegedly committed suicide her husband Hemanth has been arrested.

Husband of Suicide Actress Chitra arrested by Police f

"My daughter is not a coward to commit suicide."

The Nazarathpet police on December 14, 2020, arrested Hemanth Kumar, husband of TV actress VJ Chitra, for allegedly abetting her suicide.

The arrest has occurred days after the actresses mother accused him of beating her daughter to death.

Police, however, have said that based on the post-mortem report, the actress died by suicide and financial issues have emerged as a possible reason.

The 29-year-old Tamil actress has gained popularity for starring in popular south-Indian show ‘Pandian Stores.’

The actress’s husband, Hemanth, faces charges for alleged abetment to suicide.

Hemanth was arrested and taken to be produced before a magistrate for formal remand after being interrogated for 6 days.

Chitra, 29, was found dead at a hotel outside Chennai on December 10, 2020.

Her parents and friends alleged foul play and demanded a thorough probe.

They allege that Chitra was a psychology student and often counselled people against suicide.

She would never take her own life.

Actress Chitra’s mother states:

“My daughter is not a coward to commit suicide. I have brought her up as a brave lady. She was very talented.

“I suspect that Hemanth Kumar married her for her money. I feel that she was physically abused.

“We can notice injury marks on her face.”

Tamil actress Chitra had married Hemanth, 32, in August 2020.

Investigators say Hemanth had been angry with Chitra for her intimate scenes in a television serial.

On the day of the suicide, Hemanth went to the shooting spot, located near the hotel, and had an argument with her.

The police said both had quarrelled over the issues of fidelity.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sudarshan revealed:

“Hemnath did not like a scene she had enacted on TV. On the day she died, he had also pushed her.”

The couple had checked into a hotel after Chitra’s late-night shoot.

Reportedly on the day of the incident, Chitra asked Hemanth to stay outside while she went into the bathroom and ended her life.

Chitra was found hanging in the bathroom, using her saree as a noose to end her life.

Hemanth told investigators that he could not get her to answer the door and grew worried.

He contacted the hotel authorities to open the room using a duplicate key, and found his wife has taken her own life.

The police are attempting to locate CCTV footage of the couple in the hotel and on days prior to Chitra’s suicide.

A revenue divisional officer is investigating the case separately as mandated by Indian law since the woman died less than seven years after the wedding.

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