Has Ali Sethi married Salman Toor?

On social media, rumours are rife that Pakistani singer Ali Sethi has tied the knot with artist Salman Toor.

Has Ali Sethi married Salman Toor f

"Congratulations to Ali Sethi on his wedding"

Ali Sethi is trending on social media as rumours are circulating that he has married artist Salman Toor.

The pair have been pictured together on numerous occasions, having met during an art class at Aitchison College.

However, there is speculation that they have now tied the knot.

According to reports, the pair had a low-key wedding in New York, surrounded by close friends and family.

Although the singer and painter have not spoken about the matter, social media users shared their thoughts on the rumour.

Many netizens believed the rumours and sent congratulatory messages.

One person said: “Congratulations to Ali Sethi on his wedding to Salman Toor! May they have so much happiness.”

However, others criticised the pair if the rumours are true, stating that same-sex marriage is illegal in Pakistan.

A user commented: “People are defending the sin for which Allah has destroyed an entire nation.

“Instead of calling them out, we are congratulating Ali Sethi and Salman Toor? At least have the guts to say wrong is wrong!”

Calling for action to be taken against Ali and Salman, one comment read:

“Ali Sethi and Salman Toor both should be hanged publicly to set an example for generations to come.

“There’s no other way to stop this filth. Period.”

Some came to their defence while also slamming Pakistani society.

One user said: “Ali Sethi marrying his boyfriend and the whole of Pakistan is up in arms. Absolutely sick society.”

One person pointed out that Pakistan has bigger issues to worry about than a rumoured same-sex marriage, writing:

“Pakistanis finding out about Ali Sethi’s marriage instead of worrying about child labour torture, sexual assault, rising rape cases, increased crime rate, staggering population, outrageous inflation and polarised politics is tearing this country apart.”

The rumours have put Salman Toor into the spotlight.

But who is Salman Toor?

He is a Pakistan-born American painter whose works depict the imagined lives of young men of South Asian origin, displayed in close range in either South Asia or New York-fantasised settings.

An accomplished painter with a distinct visual language, Salman’s work has resonated with art enthusiasts around the world.

His creative prowess adds an additional layer of fascination to this evolving narrative.

In the past, Salman has spoken about his sexual orientation, revealing that he tried to come out to them when he was 15.

He said: “They didn’t accept that.”

Salman added they his parents eventually came to terms with his sexuality “more with tolerance than with understanding”.

Has Ali Sethi married Salman Toor

Following the rumours that Ali Sethi has married Salman Toor, netizens believe the latter’s paintings have depicted the singer.

Although Ali and Salman have not addressed the rumours, the mass discussion on social media indicates that many people believe they have tied the knot.

And it seems that talk of this rumoured marriage will not go away for the foreseeable future.

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