Hansika Motwani responds to Criticism over ‘Reality Show’ Wedding

Hansika Motwani received criticism for documenting her wedding for a reality show. She has now broken her silence on the matter.

Hansika Motwani responds to Criticism over 'Reality Show' Wedding f

“Let them keep talking. It doesn’t matter to me."

Hansika Motwani has broken her silence on the criticism she received for documenting her wedding for her reality show, titled Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama.

The actress tied the knot with Sohael Kathuriya in December 2022.

Her wedding was later showcased in her reality show, which streamed on Disney+ Hotstar on February 10, 2023.

Speaking about the show, Hansika explained:

“You can expect a lot of reality, it’s something from the heart. There’s love, a little bit of drama and of course, you will get to witness my shaadi.”

Hansika revealed that she decided to document her wedding for a series approximately six weeks before the big day.

She felt she wanted her fans to be a part of her wedding.

“I have perpetually grown up in front of the audience. They have seen my journey and have been part of my life since I was eight.

“When I decided to be a bride I wanted them to witness it.

“And what better way than joining hands with Hotstar? It was just a way to invite them to my big day.”

However, the decision led to criticism, with many questioning why she would showcase her personal moments for a show.

Responding to the critics, Hansika said:

“Let them keep talking. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s really okay. I know it’s coming from my heart and it’s legit reality.”

She admitted that Sohael was initially uncomfortable with the idea as he is not used to the camera.

“The cameras were a fly on the wall. They were around us but nothing was for the camera.”

Hansika Motwani explained that while she wanted to get married at 24, she has always been swarmed with work.

“Then I decided it will happen when it has to happen. There was also no pressure on me to get married.

“But I think Sohael lost patience and told me now we should get married.

“He decided on that big proposal so that I would be like chalo, let’s go for it.”

Stating that given they have been such good friends, life has not changed, adding that “it has just gotten better”.

On the work front, Hansika has had numerous South Indian roles but on whether she plans to work in the Hindi film industry, she said:

“I get this a lot but my hands down south have always been full. I have eight films coming up next and I have always been busy working here. But hopefully soon.”

On the trend that many actors prefer to have intimate weddings, Hansika said:

“I don’t know about others but I have always wanted a small wedding but just like how I want it to be.”

“I wanted to have the people, I have grown up with, around me on my big day.

“While the industry is very important to me and they always wish the best for me, it was just a family event for me.”

Watch the Trailer for Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama


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