Did Hansika Motwani marry Best Friend’s Ex-Husband?

After Hansika Motwani married Sohael Kathuriya, however, she faced accusations that she married her best friend’s ex-husband.

Did Hansika Motwani marry Best Friend's Ex-Husband f

"eventually we became best friends and that's how it started."

Hansika Motwani has responded to reports that she married her best friend’s ex-husband Sohael Khaturiya.

The pair got married on December 4, 2023, in Jaipur following a lavish engagement announcement.

However, Hansika was accused of breaking up Sohael’s first marriage.

Some social media users hinted at Sohael’s first marriage to a woman named Rinky. Reportedly, she was best friends with Hansika who attended the wedding.

In an episode of her reality show Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama – which documents her marriage – she opened up about her relationship and wedding ceremony.

Hansika also touched upon the allegations that she married her best friend’s ex-husband.

She said: “The whole narrative media written – best friend, this friend and all… I was like ‘oh my God’.”

On the reports that Hansika attended Sohael’s first wedding, Hansika responded:

“No, but he is my brother’s best friend. He’s always been around us.

“I think I have said this in the series too. He was the unknown, mystery man who was always with me’. So, he was always around me.

“I think we both have dated other individuals when we were around each other.

“He was my brother’s best friend and then eventually we became best friends and that’s how it started.

“There was a time when I used to tell people, they say ‘marry your best friend, it is the most coolest thing, you will be comfortable’.

“I used to say ‘This is a myth, people lie to you’.

“And, when it happened to me I was like ‘I want to take back my words’ because marrying your best friend is the most comfortable thing that can happen to your life. I am just blessed.”

Speaking about the claims, Sohael said:

“The news that I was previously married came out and it came out in a wrong light.”

“It came out as if the breakup was because of Hansika, which is absolutely untrue and baseless.”

Hansika Motwani’s reality show also received criticism for documenting her wedding.

She previously said: “I have perpetually grown up in front of the audience.

“They have seen my journey and have been part of my life since I was eight.

“When I decided to be a bride I wanted them to witness it.

“And what better way than joining hands with Hotstar? It was just a way to invite them to my big day.”

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