Glasgow Man stabbed Brother-in-law in Dispute over a Dog

A Glasgow man stabbed his brother-in-law to death following a family row over a dog that was brought into his home.

Glasgow Man stabbed Brother-in-law in Dispute over a Dog f

"Why are you bringing a dog into my house?"

Hashim Uddin, aged 28, of Glasgow, was jailed for six years after he killed his brother-in-law in a family row over a dog.

Thirty-two-year-old Omer Sadiq was stabbed to death at Uddin’s home in Pollok in September 2020.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, it was heard that previously, there had been claims Uddin was having an affair.

On September 15, 2020, Uddin called his mother-in-law to tell her he was leaving his wife Iqraa Malik.

Mr Sadiq told a relative he would go to Uddin’s home and “everything would be fine”.

Mr Sadiq went to the flat with his wife, Uddin’s sister.

Leanne McQuillan, prosecuting, said what happened at the flat was unclear, but Uddin and his wife were “unhappy” the other couple had brought a dog “as they were frightened of it”.

There was an “altercation” between the men, with Uddin yelling:

“Why are you bringing a dog into my house?”

Other relatives also turned up at the house and Uddin’s mother ended up injured.

As the victim and his wife left the flat, he found he was bleeding heavily. He then flagged down a passing police car for help.

He was taken to hospital but later died.

That night, Uddin told a woman that Mr Sadiq’s dog had been “barking at the baby”, a row followed and that Mr Sadiq had a weapon.

Uddin also told the woman that he had “ruined everything”.

It was discovered that Mr Sadiq was struck twice with a hunting knife.

Uddin handed himself into police on October 1, 2020. He told police that he had been acting in self-defence.

Uddin was initially accused of murder but prosecutors accepted his guilty plea of culpable homicide.

His guilty plea was accepted on the basis that he stabbed Mr Sadiq towards the end of the row.

Thomas Ross QC, Uddin’s advocate, said his client was intimidated by Mr Sadiq’s reputation and that the dog “introduced an element of fear”.

Mr Sadiq had links to the men responsible for the murder of Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald.

But Mr Ross stated that the Glasgow resident accepted full responsibility for his actions.

Lord Beckett said one of the stab wounds had passed “21 centimetres into the body causing fatal bleeding to the liver” – describing the attack as an “excessive reaction”.

But he said he recognised Uddin showed “insight and remorse”, and was the father of a young child.

He added: “The deceased was a married man with two children and his wife was expecting a third when he died.

“It is necessary to punish you, to seek to deter others who would commit assaults with knives and to protect the public from you.”

Uddin was sentenced to six years in prison.

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