Freida Pinto reveals more about her Role in Teletubbies

Actress Freida Pinto revealed one of her unusual first jobs during her early days of acting. She played one of the Teletubbies “Laa-Laa” at a kids’ entertainer show!

Freida Pinto reveals more about her Role in Teletubbies

"I played Laa-Laa as an entertainer at a kids' parties. I'm very proud."

Hollywood actress Freida Pinto revealed on television that during her early days of acting, she played one of the Teletubbies “Laa-Laa” for a kids’ entertainer show.

The actress spoke about the job on BBC’s The One Show, where she made an appearance on 7th April 2017.

Speaking with the hosts, Angela Scanlon and Ore Oduba, Freida Pinto admitted she felt “very proud” after performing at the show. However, she spoke about her past job to clear up some confusion.

She first admitted her Teletubbies past back in 2009. However, many had initially thought she meant she played the actual “Laa-Laa” in the BBC One show.

Therefore, she clarified the details of the job and said:

“Let me clear up the rumours. Some people think I was a real Teletubby on the show but no I played Laa-Laa as an entertainer at a kids’ parties. I’m very proud.”

Freida Pinto also revealed why she even did the kids’ entertainer show in the first place. It took place before she found her fame, where she struggled with acting auditions in India. However, she now looks back on the experience as a good learning curve.

She said: “I’m glad things happened the way they happened. I needed to be rejected, and I needed to learn that it’s part of the game.”

Back in 2009, when Freida Pinto first revealed her Teletubbies past, she explained she was forced to do the job. She revealed: “I used to work as a compare for childrens parties. One day someone backed out. I said: I’m not getting into a costume but they said I was.”

Freida also talked about she how first wanted to work in a profession very different to acting – she wanted to become a shot drink girl. However, her mother disapproved:

“Mum said no. She said, ‘Well Freida, if you are going to do something, you’re going to do something respectable. So instead, you’re going to entertain at children’s birthday parties’.”

“I said, ‘OK mum, I’ll do it’. So the first one that I go to, the person who was supposed to be a Teletubby did not show up…so they found me!”

However, it seems the job turned out positively for Freida, as she looked back on it fondly on The One Show.

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Images courtesy of the BBC and Sam Jones

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