‘Dominating’ Man convicted of stabbing Wife 18 Times

A 47-year-old man, described as “dominating and bullying”, has been convicted after stabbing his wife 18 times.

'Dominating' Man convicted of stabbing Wife 18 Times f

“He was obsessively looking at sexual references"

Anil Gill, aged 47, of Milton Keynes, has been convicted of murder after stabbing his wife 18 times.

The body of Ranjit Gill was found wrapped in a duvet and black bin liners at their home in Beresford Close on January 31, 2021.

Luton Crown Court heard that the couple had been happily married and lived in Bedford.

In 2010, the couple moved to Milton Keynes. However, prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson said “things took a turn for the worse” after Gill lost his job and Ranjit’s health deteriorated.

Mr Ward-Jackson said: “He was a dominating person who would bully her on occasions, and use threatening and violent behaviour towards her.”

Ranjit had been threatened with a knife, a sword, and had been pushed down the stairs by her “dominating and bullying” husband.

In October 2018, police attended their home after reports of a domestic incident, but Ranjit would not say what happened.

When Ranjit’s sister advised her to leave Gill, she feared “he would hunt her down and kill her”.

The court heard there were instances of reported domestic abuse and prosecutors said the couple had begun to take drugs and alcohol.

Ranjit had an affair and Gill considered divorce proceedings but retracted those.

The couple looked to have “patched things up” in January 2021.

But evidence showed that Gill was searching the internet on matters which showed his “increasing preoccupation with his own sexuality”.

Mr Ward-Jackson said a “gay element” was creeping into his internet searches and, in addition, there were also searches carried out by him in connection with his wife’s sex life.

He said: “He was obsessively looking at sexual references to his wife.”

The court heard that Gill also had sexualised photos of his wife on his phone taken in January 2021. Mr Ward-Jackson added:

”They were participating in some sort of sexual role play.”

On the night of the killing, evidence showed they had cocaine delivered and Gill was looking on the internet for gay pornography.

At 1 am, a neighbour heard a woman screaming, which the prosecution said was likely to be the sound of Ranjit being stabbed to death.

Mr Ward-Jackson said that after stabbing his wife 18 times, Gill played reggae music to “calm himself down”.

He then spent a few hours cleaning up and wrapping Ranjit’s body in a duvet and black bin liners. He dragged the body to the garage.

Gill then used bleach to clean the living room carpet.

At 10 am, Gill called the police, telling the operator:

“She forced me to take cocaine, I didn’t want to. She got addicted to drugs and had an affair.”

Police arrived and discovered Ranjit’s body in the garage.

Ranjit’s death was caused by four deep and significant injuries to her chest.

At his trial, Gill admitted a lesser charge of manslaughter, claiming that he had stabbed his wife in a “frenzy” after losing self-control.

However, the jury rejected his claims and found him guilty of murder.

Anil Gill will be sentenced on November 15, 2021.

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