Did Munawar Faruqui cheat on Nazila with Ayesha Khan?

Munawar Faruqui is facing accusations that he cheated on Nazila Sitaishi with model Ayesha Khan following the latter’s comments.

Did Munawar Faruqui cheat on Nazila with Ayesha Khan f

"I have no problem engaging with you in any matter."

Munawar Faruqui has seemingly been accused of cheating on his girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi with model Ayesha Khan.

The comedian is still participating in Bigg Boss 17 and has formed a close bond with Mannara Chopra.

Despite this, he remains committed to his girlfriend.

But in a shocking turn of events, Ayesha Khan has allegedly claimed that Munawar cheated on Nazila with her.

An X account called The Khabri shared a video of Ayesha’s allegations and speculated that she was talking about Munawar.

On the Tanya Talk Show, Ayesha was asked to narrate an incident with an unnamed Bigg Boss 17 contestant.

Ayesha said: “There’s this contestant, I don’t know if I should be saying this, in the Bigg Boss house right now.

“So this person texted me saying there is a music video and I want to cast you.”

Ayesha accepted and added that she knew the person.

She explained that things started off normal but the music video never materialised and during their second meeting, he told her that he loved her.

Ayesha continued: “And I also started falling for him.”

The model claimed that she knew he was already in a relationship but he told her that they had broken up.

She said: “So he told me that the relationship he had ended.

“So I said okay then I have no problem engaging with you in any matter.

“The first question I asked was if we start whatever we are doing, will anybody [woman] in your personal life be affected by this? He said no.”

Insisting that she does not want “to hurt another woman”, Ayesha said she was fine to embark on the relationship.

But Ayesha discovered that her lover was still in a relationship when he went on Bigg Boss.

She explained: “Then this person goes on the show and the same day, I see a story of him and his girlfriend on her account.”

Ayesha was shocked by the discovery and she later spoke to the girlfriend.

Delving into their conversation, Ayesha said:

“Apparently the whole time, he was begging her to stay and promising her that they would get married when he leaves the show.”

Stating that her lover fed her lies, Ayesha said she “felt pity” for the girl because she is “so nice”.

Slamming the unnamed man, Ayesha added:

“This person is so fake, this person is so fake on the show and he is so different in real life.”

Although it is not known who Ayesha Khan is talking about, the original post and some social media users have claimed that the man is Munawar Faruqui.

Meanwhile, Nazila has deactivated her Instagram profile.

She previously shared a cryptic post that read:

“One thing I wish more people knew is that everything isn’t how it seems online.

“Nobody is as pure and morally correct as they pretend to be, in fact, the reality will take you by surprise.

“This is why they usually say ‘never meet your idols’ because in most cases the way you perceive them is very different from how they actually are so don’t be fooled by what you see online or on TV.”

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