Did Ahsan Khan Reject Saba Qamar’s Marriage Proposal?

Saba Qamar appeared on Ahsan Khan’s podcast and revealed that she was attracted to him. But did he reject her proposal?

Did Ahsan Khan Reject Saba Qamar’s Marriage Proposal f

she was going to tell the actor about how she felt about him.

Saba Qamar has claimed that she would have married Ahsan Khan if he was not already married.

The revelation was made on Ahsan Khan’s podcast channel Lo Kar Lo Baat when Ahsan asked Saba to name a hero she would propose to if he were single.

Saba admitted that before she began her acting career, she was impressed by Ahsan and regretted that she did not tell him about her feelings earlier.

The actress recalled that after getting Ahsan’s number, she would text him and express an interest in working with him.

She decided that she was going to tell the actor about how she felt about him.

But it was delayed because Ahsan’s sister was getting married and he was too busy.

Upon hearing Saba’s revelation, Ahsan admitted that he was doubtful of Saba’s feelings and intentions towards him, to which Saba humorously stated that when a woman says no, she often means yes.

The conversation turned to work and Ahsan praised Saba for her acting skills.

He said: “You have worked on yourself. Just yesterday I was telling someone about the way I have seen you work on yourself.

“Work isn’t really about how you look, but the way you’ve developed your skills.”

After hearing her praise, Saba said she had made mistakes along the way and that she had learned from them.

Saba responded: “I’ve made a lot of mistakes. To learn from them is the beauty.

“I always say the more mistakes you make, the more you will learn and become refined.

“Your work will show that beauty. If there’s anything I’ll teach my children, it’s that make more mistakes, that is how you will learn.”

As the episode progressed, Saba Qamar spoke about her belief in the law of attraction and said that she would say a lot of things as a child, varying from believing she would work in Bollywood to attending parties with Shah Rukh Khan.

She went on to advise that individuals could attract what they thought about and it was desirable to always think big.

The debut episode of Ahsan’s podcast garnered much appreciation and fans stated that they enjoyed the chemistry between the pair.

One fan said: “Saba Qamar and Ahsan both of you are beautiful souls.”

Another added: “You guys have great on-screen chemistry and must do a web series with intense romance and thrill.”

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