Deepika and Hrithik caught kissing?

What’s Monika got from the rumour mill for us this week? Gossip is Deepika and Hrithik were caught kissing, Kim Kardashian won’t be coming to India after all, Kat and PC ignore each other at Arpita’s wedding and lots more!

Hrithik Deepika


Hrithik Deepika

Deepika-Hrithik Caught Secretly Smooching!

Don’t rub your eyes that hard, you read it right! This week Monika can’t stop grinning as it’s a week full of juicy gossip and nothing else makes Monika happier than that!

Well we all know that Hrithik is back to being single, and has always been ready to mingle (even in his married days)! Wink!

So when Hrithik and Deepika met at a B-town party recently, apparently they were caught smooching secretly. Monika heard that they couldn’t let go off each other. Naturally they soon exited the party together. Wink again!

Now Monika wonders, what would Ranveer say to this as we all know how Deepika and Ranveer are in a relationship! Also isn’t D-Pad the one to say on chat shows that she cannot tolerate infidelity?

Virat Anushka

Virat Confesses his Affair with Anushka!

Now we all knew about Anushka and Virat’s relationship, especially after seeing them inseparable at various events, parties, outdoor shoots. But it’s always exciting when the stars themselves come out in the open to confess!

Well, Virat recently made an indirect confession to the world when he said he wouldn’t make any official statement but it’s pretty obvious since Anushka and he are always seen together, and asked his fans to use their logic! Hint taken Virat!

Now before you all start asking Monika about their engagement, Anushka herself has made it clear last week that they both are concentrating on their careers and no engagement is scheduled in the near future.

All said and done, we can now happily move on from the couple and perhaps poke Kat-Ranbir until the point they confess!

Salman Jaya

Jaya Bachchan calms Salman’s temper down?

Recently, there was an incident at Arpita’s wedding when Salman lost his temper and things were about to get messy! Monika heard that Sallu was extremely aggravated at Arpita Khan’s wedding couture designers Abu and Sandeep Jani and Jaya Bachchan had to intervene to solve things.

When her wedding lehenga arrived, Arpita wasn’t happy with it and questioned the designers. The duo however very rudely blamed Arpita’s weight gain as the reason for ill-fittings.

Obviously the bride to be was hurt and upset. When her darling brother Sallu came to know about this he was extremely aggravated and the designer duo ran to Jaya Bachchan to save their butts.

Jaya Bachchan spoke to Salman and asked for forgiveness on their behalf and thus Sallu calmed down.

Arpita wore the same lehenga on her wedding, but Monika wonders if Sallu really has forgiven the designers, as everybody in the industry knows that hell hath no fury like Sallu scorned!

Kim Kardashian

Oops: India Won’t Witness Kim Kardashian’s Butt!

Last week India couldn’t stop talking about Kim Kardashian’s visit to the nation and the Bigg Boss house.

Well the excitement was short lived when the reality TV star used a social networking site to tell her Indian fans that her trip was cancelled.

So much for the hype! However Monika found out that though Kim didn’t disclose any details on why she cancelled her trip, it was owing to the visa issues.

Unfortunately, Kim is on a tight schedule and therefore cancelled India to concentrate more on her Dubai trip.

Kim was believed to be in India to launch her new fragrance ‘Fleur Fatale’. Monika was excited to see Kim and Salman together on the screen. Hope Kim visits India soon.

Katrina Priyanka

Katrina and Priyanka Refuse to Look at Each Other!

Everybody was in for a shock to see Priyanka Chopra at Arpita’s wedding especially since Sallu and PC are not buddies but just co-stars. Arpita even asked PiggyChops to read out her wedding speech as Arpita was too emotional to read it herself.

Guess all this didn’t go down well with Kat who is close to Sallu and was perhaps expecting to be the talking point of the wedding instead.

Monika heard that Kat and PC totally avoided each other during the whole wedding and when PC and Kat were dancing on the stage, PC had to gently exit as she wasn’t getting any attention.

Now Monika wonders, was PC filling in for her alleged celebrated bf who couldn’t attend the wedding with his wife but made news when he attended the sangeet ceremony?

Katrina Arpita

Katrina and Ranbir’s Marriage is Meant to be

Ranbir-Katrina’s relationship denial is getting really old and boring now. Clearly they vacation together, they wine and dine together, they have even moved in together, so they obviously aren’t ‘just friends’!

Monika recently heard that they might get married soon. However something magical happened at Arpita Khan’s wedding recently that will make Kat think about walking down the aisle soon. Nope it’s not about how Sallu invited her on stage by calling her Katrina ‘Kapoor’ in front of the wedding guests.

Rumour has it that Arpita’s ‘kaleera’ also fell on Kat! Similar to the flower bouquet thrown by the bride, and whoever catches it is considered next in line; whoever the khaleera falls on when the bride shakes it on her unmarried friends will be wedded next.

If you all are thinking, why didn’t Arpita shake it on her brother Sallu’s head, then sorry to disappoint you all but apparently Arpita did perform this custom with her brother, but the khaleera didn’t fall on him. However when she performed it with Kat, the kaleera fell right away. Kat it’s the universe sending out signals!

Monika is our resident Gossip wali. Every week this Desi chick brings us selective gossip from Bollywood and the Desi entertainment world! 'Ek hafte mein itni Gossip... Hai Hai!' - A must weekly read!

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