People Attacked after Creepy Clowns Trend hits the UK

The creepy clown trend hits the UK and has since seen people being arrested, fined and violently harmed. DESIblitz reports.

creepy clowns

"It was literally something from a horror movie."

We were told that a zombie apocalypse was what everyone should be looking out for, but no-one actually warned us about the possibility of a ‘creepy clowns’ trend.

These scary clowns began surfacing in the US, where people were dressing up as creepy, albeit rather malicious looking, clowns; some were equipped with knives or wooden sticks, and some decided to chase or terrorise passers by.

The trend eventually moved to Canada and Australia and now people are reporting clown sightings in the UK. This strange craze has escalated quickly and  there have been reports of people being stabbed, arrested and fined.

Set to worsen by Halloween, the creepy clowns trend has hit across the UK, from Newcastle to Manchester and Birmingham to Essex.

Thames Valley Police were called 14 times in just 24 hours over the weekend by people who had been frightened by others dressed as clowns and Kent Police have had 59 clown related incidents in three days.

In a more serious case, 28-year-old Simon Chinery, was left with wounds after a knife-carrying clown approached him at a service station in Blackburn.

Chinery claims he grabbed the ten-inch blade to try and stop the clown from inflicting any bodily harm, but unfortunately, the knife cut his right hand ‘down to the bone’. It caused such grievous harm to his hand that Chinery is now classed as disabled and thus forced to give up his job as a joiner.

He commented:”I had never been so petrified in all my life.

“It has left me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach – it was literally something from a horror movie.”

Attacks by creepy clowns

Another incident left 17-year-old Owen Russell with injuries to his head. He was left covered in blood after a branch was thrown at him by a clown trying to terrorise people in South Yorkshire. He had to have stitches for a head wound.

A student who dressed as a chainsaw-wielding clown on Brunel university campus, called Kenny, a YouTube prankster, has apologised for his clown prank and said he was ‘only chasing friends’ in a video he shot.

Many other cases have left people, including young children, shaken and scared after being chased by lethal looking clowns, sometimes carrying weapons. Some have even been chased by a group, whilst others have managed to chase them away:


The clown frenzy has also left McDonalds being cautious of their very own clown Ronald McDonald; the franchise’s much-loved mascot has had to hide away for a while, out of fear of being mistaken as a murderous entertainer.

Some claim the creepy clowns trend has taken the streets as a marketing campaign, as a few months ago, photos of the remake of Stephen King’s famous IT movie were released.

Tripta Rahul, says:

“I think these creepy clowns look quite scary. I mean what do you say to someone who stands and looks at you in this sinister way? These people don’t realise they are intimidating and can traumatise young children.”

“I think most of the time they are stupid kids playing pranks,” she added.

Trying to explain why creepy clowns love to torment the public, is YouTuber Matteo Moroni. The 29-year-old has racked up hundreds of million of views on his channel, after terrorising unsuspecting passers-by in frightening prank videos.

Claiming he owns the ‘creepy clown voice’ he says in an interview with the BBC:

“Taxes are cruel,” he says. “I think that a good jog (even if you’re running away from a clown) never killed anybody.

“Everything is under my strict supervision and I spend hours preparing the prank scene to avoid anything going wrong.”

Javed Khan says:

“This is a stupid craze and is freaking people out. No one can tell if these so-called ‘creepy clowns’ are young kids or adults hiding behind these costumes. I’ve not heard of any Asian guys doing it but I will not be surprised if some join in, thinking it is funny.”

One ‘prankster’ teenager has managed to get himself a criminal record, after being spotted dressed as a clown near an infants school in Wales. 18-year-old Connor Jones was also fined £90, but didn’t take being arrested for breaching public order, too seriously.

He said: “I know some people don’t like it and I get that. But, come on, there’s nothing wrong with having a laugh is there?

“It is nuts – funny and very scary too.”

Nevertheless, there are friendly clowns out there, trying to put smiles on peoples faces. There are reports of clown friendly walks occurring in the US, to help stop the stigma that clowns are out to kill.

batman creepy clowns

To combat creepy clown scares in Whitehaven, Cumbria, where children have been scared of them, a costume store called Cumbria Superheroes sent out Batman to deal with them to ease the minds of the children. Photos of the superhero along with thank yous have appeared on their Facebook page.

The creepy clowns trend also dubbed as ‘killer clowns’ has resulted in police warning that people dressed up in this way may be committing a public order offence.

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