Chitrangada Singh quits over Sex Scene with Nawazuddin?

An intimate scene with Nawazuddin Siddiqui has apparently caused actress Chitrangada Singh to walk out on the set of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz!

Chitrangada Singh quits over Sex Scene with Nawazuddin?

"She had a problem doing romantic scenes and said they were unnecessary."

Despite not having been a film lead since 2013, Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh doesn’t seem too pleased with her latest role.

The sizzling star of Gabbar is Back (2015) has reportedly walked out of the set of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, an action thriller starring the brilliant Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Rumours suggest Chitrangada has a major clash with director Kushan Nandy over an intimate scene.

Some sources say: “Kushan got a bit too engaged in the scene in question, which required Nawaz to only pull Chitrangada roughly on the bed.”

Kushan asks for a second take, saying: “Chitrangada, you ought to get literally close to Nawaz. Do it passionately. Tange ragdo, sex karo.”

Chitrangada Singh quits over Sex Scene with Nawazuddin?But the 39-year-old actress becomes upset over the way she is treated: “We finished the shot and Kushan said that he didn’t like it. He wanted me to lie on top of Nawaz.

“Now let me tell you that I was wearing a petticoat for that scene. I turned around to tell Kushan about my predicament. But, he was in no mood to listen and we ended up having a big, loud argument.”

Insider sources further reveal: “Chitrangada told Nandy that how can he speak to her so outrageously while giving directions about an intimate scene in front of the entire unit.”

Kushan tries to calm her down but to no avail. The film’s screenwriter Galib Asad Bhopali says: “She had objections to the lovemaking scenes, in fact to almost every other scene, and even refused to kiss Nawaz.

“She lost her cool when they were shooting a lovemaking scene on Sunday. The actress fumed and stormed out.”

It is believed that Chitrangada returns to finish the scene and informs her co-star that she is quitting.

The FHM cover girl has been filming in Lucknow since June 8, 2016, and reports of her difficult behaviour have been rolling in.

She has problems with the sexy costumes for her character, although film producer Kiran Shroff points out they are actually Chitrangada’s own suggestions.

Kiran points out: “Chitrangada was the one who suggested that she wanted to wear a low-cut blouse.

“She told us that it would be apt for the scene where Nawaz sees me for the first time and gets enamoured by me. She also said that she wanted to tear off one button from her blouse and fix a pin there.”

Chitrangada Singh quits over Sex Scene with Nawazuddin?What’s more, she has been very vocal with her dissatisfaction with the film script, her character and the intimate scenes – severely affecting the shooting schedule for the film which has only just recovered from financial problems.

Kushan states: “The script of the film was lying with Chitrangada for over a year. Every single scene was explained in complete detail.

“Every time we met in Mumbai and discussed the film or even when we had workshops, not once did she mention having a problem with any scene in the film or the script in any way.

“But the moment she reached Lucknow, all her issues began to surface. She had a problem doing romantic scenes and said they were unnecessary.

“When you are faced with an actor of the calibre of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, you have to be at the top of your game.

“I tried several times to make her understand what her character was and how it should have been played, but she completely refused to see it my way.”

Chitrangada Singh quits over Sex Scene with Nawazuddin?The frustrated director also alleges that she pretends to be unwell and even threatens to quit unless the second half of the film is changed.

With her departure, the production team is rumoured to have approached Swara Bhaskar for the role.

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz first started shooting in 2014, but encountered problems with financial support, thus forcing production to shut down temporarily.

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