Car Thief attacks ally Criminal in Court after being Jailed for £2.7m Crime

A car thief attacked his former ally after they were jailed for a £2.7 million crime. They had been leaders of a criminal gang, stealing over 100 cars.

Car Thief attacks ally Criminal in Court after being Jailed for £2.7m Crime

He began with a single punch, followed by a series of brutal to the face.

A car thief shocked a courtroom as he attacked an ally criminal after becoming jailed for a £2.7 million crime. The two men, identified as Sufiyan Mahmood and Faisal Khan, became involved with a criminal gang where they stole over 100 cars.

The trial took place at Southwark Crown Court, where the men received jail sentences. Mahmood became sentenced with seven years and ten months, while Khan received four years imprisonment.

After hearing the verdict, 19-year-old Mahmood proceeded to approach Khan and attack him. He began with a single punch, followed by a series of brutal to the face. Reports say that Khan ended up with a bloodied appearance and a black eye.

Mahmood claimed his reason for attacking his accomplice linked to the latter providing vital information to police. A member of the public also allegedly shouted to Khan: “You deserve that you p****.”

In court, the car thief’s lawyer described the moment of the attack. She said:

“Sentencing having been passed, he was making his way to the cells when there was an incident that took place both in front of you, along with all of the witnesses in the case and all others in court.

“Rightly or wrongly, the defendant – and some of the other defendants – hold Mr Khan responsible for them being apprehended and being in the position they are.”

The two men, leaders of a criminal gang, had aided others in stealing over 100 cars. The value of all the stolen cars combined to a staggering total of approximately £2.7 million. Reports suggest that the gang carried out their scheme by buying specialist equipment.

They also conducted burglaries around the area of east and west London, in order to steal car keys. Once the cars became in their custody, the criminal gang installed fake number plates onto the vehicles. They would then either ship them abroad or sell them off in the UK.

However, despite the men receiving their jail sentences, the car thief could go to court again over the attack. The judge said:

“The mischief of what happened is two-fold. Firstly, that it is an assault and the other is that it is something which happened in the courtroom which the court should not allow to be overlooked. I think I ought to invite the Crown Prosecution Service to decide what action should be taken.”

While the court heard no evidence concerning Khan’s injuries, it seems further investigation will take place regarding the attack.

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Images courtesy of Metropolitan Police.

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