Burna Boy’s Sidhu Moose Wala tribute Sparks Mixtape Rumours

Burna Boy made a moving tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala on his tour and it has sparked further rumours that their joint mixtape could release.

Burna Boy's Sidhu Moose Wala tribute Sparks Mixtape Rumours

"Me and Sidhu already recorded four songs"

Burna Boy, the acclaimed Nigerian pop sensation currently captivating audiences during his Canadian tour, took a poignant pause to honour the late Punjabi maestro, Sidhu Moose Wala.

His Vancouver concert transformed into a heartfelt tribute, with Burna Boy reflecting on Sidhu’s impactful contributions to the music world.

Sidhu, celebrated for his distinctive voice and profound lyrics, had ascended to prominence as a key figure in the Punjabi music scene.

His unexpected departure created an irreplaceable void, evoking condolences from fans, celebrities, and the global music community.

During the concert, Burna Boy seamlessly incorporated Moose Wala’s music into his performance.

He stirred the crowd with the infectious rhythm of their joint track, ‘Mera Na’.

As the track ended, he uttered: 

“Rest in peace to the legend, Sidhu Moose Wala.”

The crowd then went into a frenzy, cheering for the adored Punjabi singer. 


This poignant homage highlighted Sidhu’s profound impact on not just music, but Burna Boy himself.

When news of Sidhu’s death broke out, Burna Boy paid a heartfelt tribute on his Instagram.

This is where he first revealed that he and Sidhu were working on a joint mixtape. He emotionally penned: 

“I guess we will finish our mixtape in heaven. You gave me inspiration when nothing else was doing it.

“A legend died today but a martyr was born. Thank you Sidhu Moose Wala. You will never be forgotten.”

Speaking to BBC Asian Network in October 2023, the Nigerian artist revealed more of this project: 

“Me and Sidhu already recorded four songs.

“We were doing a mixtape, me and him. So that’s what we was working on. ‘Mera Na’ happened to be one of the sketches we had.

“Believe it or not, he was one of the biggest inspirations I had at a time when I felt like I’d already spoken about everything.

“I already said everything [in songs].

“But Sidhu brought another angle to my musicality. He is a legend. The legend of Punjab. There will never be another one.”

There’s no denying that the pair had a special relationship and these recent tributes have sparked rumours that this joint mixtape will release in the future. 

One person said on Instagram:

“I think their album is coming. Why else would he be paying all these tributes to the GOAT?”

Another commented:

“Please release your mixtape with him.

“Even if it’s just four songs, it will last us a lifetime.”

A third person said: 

“With all the love Burna has for Sidhu, I’d be surprised if their project doesn’t come out.”

Whilst a fourth fan revealed: 

“Burna and Steel Banglez are definitely discussing a release of this album. They have to be. Sidhu’s music has to live on.”

For now, fans will have to wait to see if this mixtape will ever be released. But, if it does, the music industry will go berzerk. 

Although, many admirers of Sidhu Moose Wala can look forward to his new track ‘Watch Out’ which is set to release on November 11. 

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