Bollywood Stars highlight Delhi Smog and its Impact on Life

The Delhi smog has become a huge problem with the air quality at its worst. Several Bollywood stars have spoken about the issue and its impact on life.

Bollywood Stars highlight Delhi Smog and its Impact on Life f

"I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live here"

The Delhi smog has become so bad that its air quality is in the “severe” category and the topic has prompted Bollywood stars to talk about the issue.

The capital and nearby areas have been covered in thick smog due to rising pollution over the past few weeks.

On November 3, 2019, the pollution levels were at a three-year high. The average air quality index (AQI) stood 494.

The situation has become such a problem that the Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority issued a public health emergency.

Everyone has been affected by the hazardous smog even Bollywood stars who have highlighted the impact it has had on life as well as calling for the government to make environmental changes.

Actress Priyanka Chopra is in Delhi filming her upcoming movie The White Tiger. She explained that the pollution has made it difficult for filming.

She took to Instagram wearing a mask, writing:

“Shoot days for The White Tiger. It’s so hard to shoot here right now that I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live here under these conditions. We are blessed with air purifiers and masks.”

Priyanka went on to express concern for the homeless who have to live among the Delhi smog.

She added: “Pray for the homeless. Be safe everyone.”

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who actively speaks about several issues. He posted a picture on Twitter which read:

“Breathlessness, palpitation, moist eyes… You’re either in love or in Delhi.”

Bollywood star Arjun Rampal revealed he had just landed in Delhi and it already had an effect on him. He wrote:

“Just landed in Delhi, the air here is just unbreathable. Absolutely disgusting what has become of this city.

“The pollution is visible, dense smog. People are in masks. How much more disaster does one need to wake up and do the right thing? Tell ourselves we are wrong.”

Indian Canadian actress Lisa Ray explained her experience of dealing with the smog. She shared a picture of herself wearing a mask and wrote:

“Delhi chic. When the blood in your vein returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that the land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to the land.”

Lisa, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, explained that it was difficult to breathe.

In another post, she wrote: “Delhi. As an individual with compromised immunity due to the maintenance therapy I’m on for my condition, just can’t take a chance with the appalling conditions in Delhi.

“If Beijing could clean up its act, what it’s gonna take to clean up our nation’s capital?”

As a result of the poor air quality, schools across Delhi were shut until November 5, 2019.

The Delhi government, led by Arvind Kejriwal has also implemented the odd-even system in order to curb the rising pollution.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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