10 Bollywood Songs for your Fitness Workout

The best way to keep motivated through your fitness workout is a playlist full of smash hit Bollywood songs. Here is the perfect workout soundtrack.

10 Bollywood Songs for your Fitness Workout

this club tune is the perfect song for a high intensity workout

Whether you are working out at the gym, or burning some calories in a fitness class, the best way to get you through your session is an electrifying playlist.

Giving you the energy to push through your workout, some high tempo songs with an energetic beat and infectious rhythm will surely keep your spirits high.

A fun song is the perfect way to incorporate dance into your fitness regime.

Even if you are pacing on a treadmill or breaking a sweat on a cross trainer, a pumping playlist can motivate you!

DESIblitz presents some great Bollywood songs that you need for your fitness workout.

Dhoom Machale ~ Dhoom 3 (2013)

This song, now an anthem for the Dhoom franchise is the perfect song to uplift your energy. The rising tempo and drum beat definitely gets your feet tapping.

Katrina Kaif’s iconic dance moves and killer physique will definitely give you some inspiration during your workout. This song is a must for all the women striving for a toned lean figure.

Bachna Ae Haseeno ~ Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008)

For all the guys working on their biceps or gruelling to attain a chiselled six pack, Ranbir Kapoor’s revamped version of his dad’s classic anthem is a must.

When you are pushing to lift the weights, or go an extra mile on the treadmill, this hit song will give you the motivation you need to keep going.

10 Bollywood Songs for your Fitness Workout

Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai ~ Khoobsurat (2014)

Possibly one of the best party anthems of 2015, this techno-dance fusion is must for any fitness playlist. Baadshah’s instantly recognisable rapping style, combined with the funky female vocals creates a hit song.

If you are struggling to start of even complete your workout session, this song will get the party started for you.

Lat Lag Gayee ~ Race 2 (2013)

The groovy feel to this track make it a perfect mid-tempo track for any light weight exercise. If you are warming up for your workout, stretching or doing some medium paced jogging, this song is a great fit.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s smooth dance moves, and sultry performance in the track are a great combination to make this a dance orientated workout.

Lungi Dance ~ Chennai Express (2013)

If you need some Bollywood masala to spice up your workout routine, then this South and North Indian infused hit song is a must.

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s rapping and the irresistibly catchy chorus ‘Lungi Dance’ makes you want to move. Perfect for a high speed workout, this fast paced tune will keep your feet moving.

Listen to our full Bollywood playlist for the perfect Fitness Workout here: 


High Heels ~ Ki and Ka (2016)

This remix of the Punjabi hit song, High Heels, revamped with a Bollywood makeover, blends Punjabi and Hip-Hop to create a super hit song.

Full of sass and attitude, the catchy chorus and infectious beat will keep you on your feet. Even if you are at the end of your workout, this number will make you move like Kareena Kapoor.

Dance Pe Chance ~ Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)

Pictured on Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma in their fitness gear, it seems like this song is made for a fitness playlist!

The changing pace of this song is great for a diverse fitness regime, and the catchy lyrics will keep you singing along throughout your workout.

If you are at a dance class and are stuck for choreography, this song comes with perfect choreography and music to keep you going.

Chammak Chalo ~ Ra.One (2011)

When you add Akon’s vocals to a Bollywood track, magic is sure to be made. This smash hit tune is a favourite for dance or Zumba classes.

The catchy music and iconic choreography to this song are a killer combination for a fitness workout. Even if you are working on some gym equipment, this song will get you in the mood to get active!

10 Bollywood Songs for your Fitness Workout

Lets Nacho ~ Kapoor and Sons (2016)

Packed full of energy, this club tune is the perfect song for a high intensity workout. Starting off with an Indian feel, the transition into a quirky western style dance number increases the pace and gets the party started.

With a pumping beat, deep bass and party feel, this song is ideal to keep you excited throughout your workout.

Kamli ~ Dhoom 3 (2013)

This song is essential for any fitness playlist! The catchy rhythm and spunky beat is a great combination for any kind of workout.

Whether you are lifting weights, stretching, or running, the beat of Kamli will bring out your fierce side whilst working out.

Katrina’s sizzling performance and enviable physique in this song is enough inspiration to make you want to work out.

Motivating yourself to start working out can be tough, but making a great playlist can definitely make your fitness regime more fun!

Giving you a rhythm and beat to move along to, this smash hit tunes will make you want to move. Perfect for aerobics and dance, the choreography for these Bollywood tracks are great to incorporate into your routine.

If you need something to lift your mood whilst you are breaking a sweat on the treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine, the beats to these tracks will surely boost your spirits.

Next time you are thinking of working out, make sure to add these hits to liven up your workout regime!

Momena is a Politics and International Relations student who loves music, reading and art. She enjoys travelling, spending time with her family and all things Bollywood! Her motto is: “Life is better when you're laughing.”

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