Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan

Finding good heat protectants in Pakistan can be a struggle. To make it easier, here’s a list of heat protectant products that actually work.

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - f

Heat protectants can be a saviour for your hair.

Heat damages hair, making it lacklustre, brittle, and frizzy.

With too much heat styling, curls may lose their bounce and straight hair may lose its polished, sleek look.

However, all of this damage is avoidable thanks to heat protectants.

Heat protectants can be a saviour for your hair especially if your hair is bleached, damaged, or thin.

So, it is important to apply some heat protectant before curling, straightening, or blow-drying to reduce the stress of heating and damaging your tresses.

An ideal heat protectant contains silicone, protein, and nourishing moisture-rich components.

The silicone creates a barrier from the heat. This barrier prevents hair tools from blasting the hair with heat.

The protein component, such as keratin, keeps the cuticle and strand resilient when you drag heat through the hair.

As heat zaps your hair of much-needed natural moisture, a moisture-rich ingredient is also necessary.

The heat protectants mentioned in this article are available in spray as well as cream formulas.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Long No Haircut Cream

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 6This leave-in hair cream by L’Oréal Paris offers 450-degree heat protection to your hair while keeping it smooth, soft and tangle-free.

As the name suggests, it seals in split ends to help you reach your long hair goals.

Just take a pea-sized amount and spread it thoroughly on damp hair, then heat style it as usual.

While this product is a holy grail for most people, it may not work for some people with protein-sensitive hair.

It’s the first on the list as it is a multi-functional product, serving both as a leave-in conditioner and as a heat protectant.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 5TRESemmé truly has one of the best heat protectant sprays.

This particular one by TRESemmé features hydrolysed keratin and lightweight marula oil.

Along with other hair-loving ingredients in this product, these two are the key ingredients that will ensure smooth heat protection.

The silicone in here is Amidemethicone which makes your hair detangled, smooth and shiny whilst protecting it from heat.

Keratin protein is the natural building block of our hair that will help to strengthen the hair strands from within, while the fast-absorbing marula oil will add shine and provide natural protection benefits from damage.

As a bonus, there’s also some added sun protection in this.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Hair Spray

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 4Similar to the no haircut cream by L’Oréal, the dream lengths hair spray offers 450-degree heat protection.

It’s a good alternative to the no haircut cream if you prefer a spray instead of a cream heat protectant formula.

It can be used either on damp hair or dry hair when you’re heat styling for an ideal long-lasting sleek look. L’Oréal describes it as “a true do-it-all product.”

Just spritz some of this onto the upper ends of your hair and either use a wide-tooth comb, or your fingers to spread it evenly down to the ends of your hair to ensure thorough heat protection to your mane.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Blow & Go Spray

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 3This heat protectant spray offers an even, smooth application for a quick and easy blowout.

It has a lightweight texture that provides both frizz and temperature protection without leaving any sticky residue behind.

It is going to smooth out your hair; tame any flyaways or frizz. This spray contains a bunch of emollients that smoothen the surface of the hair.

It’s marketed for all hair types. This one is a nice option for a smooth blowout look.

However, this product lacks the components of an ideal heat protectant that we discussed earlier in the article.

Kuene Instant Blowout Spray

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 1Kuene is one of the most popular high-end brands in Pakistan for hair care products and for good reason. Its products rarely ever disappoint.

This blowout spray by Kuene is marketed toward fine and normal hair types and offers protection up to 230°C (450°F). It adds lightweight volume to fine, thin hair.

If you’re someone who wants to achieve a voluminous, bouncy blow-out look at home, this one is perfect for you.

To use this, mist onto damp hair and blow-dry.

Lolane Pixxel Optimum Care Heat Protection Volume Spray

Best Heat Protectants Available In Pakistan - 2This hair spray from Lolane Pakistan is a nice local budget-friendly option that claims to provide heat protection up to 220 degree Celsius.

It has a milky serum-like texture that goes on smoothly and provides nourishment using Phyto Ceramide Proteins and Amino acids, while argan oil adds shine and slip to hair strands.

As it’s a hair serum with moisture-rich ingredients, it will provide shine and smoothening effect to your hair.

However, it can have some downsides like weighing your hair down and making it look greasy if used too much.

It may work better for dry and brittle hair than for oily hair types.

Since it’s a serum-based product, no more than a pea-sized amount would be required.

According to The Cut, “heat protectants are more about minimizing and mitigating damage.”

Heat protectants don’t offer 100% heat protection.

Product application plays a big role therefore it is important to use enough product to ensure your hair is evenly coated and hence thoroughly protected.

Make sure to not overuse the product, just a light layer of product is required.

Along with the use of a heat protectant, other ways of protecting your hair from heat damage should also be incorporated into your hair care regime.

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