18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Want to upgrade your playlists without paying? Use these sites to download music for free so you can listen to your favourite songs anywhere.

18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

"It features a dedicated section for free music"

In the digital age, music has become more accessible than ever before. Whilst streaming has overtaken the industry, the need to download music is still there. 

With numerous platforms offering streaming services, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of downloading music.

Whether you’re looking to expand your music library or prefer offline listening, there are loads of excellent websites that allow you to grab music for free.

Likewise, some sites are dedicated to certain genres of music, from classical to Punjabi to hip hop. So, there’s a site for everyone. 

We present the 18 best free sites where you can download official and mainstream music.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits that make them worth exploring.


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Jamendo is a popular platform for free music downloads, featuring a vast library of music from independent artists.

The website offers an easy-to-navigate interface and allows users to browse and download music for personal use without any cost.

With a focus on emerging talent, Jamendo is an excellent resource for discovering new artists and genres that may not be available on mainstream platforms.

It also provides the option to support artists by purchasing their music.

Check it out here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

While SoundCloud is primarily known for its streaming services, it also offers a plethora of tracks available for free download.

Many artists upload their music on SoundCloud and provide the option to download their tracks directly, making it a great resource for discovering new music.

The platform also allows artists to interact with their fans, creating a vibrant community.

With its extensive collection and user-friendly interface, SoundCloud is a go-to platform for both artists and music enthusiasts.

Once signed in to your account, you can download tracks by clicking on the download file button beneath the waveform.

See for yourself here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Boomplay is a media streaming and download service with a focus on Africa.

It offers both a freemium and subscription-based model, providing basic features for free with advertisements or limitations.

Paid subscriptions unlock additional features like offline downloads and ad-free listening.

Currently, it boasts over 95 million monthly users and offers a catalogue of more than 100 million songs.

Discover some new music here

Free Music Archive 

18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

The Free Music Archive hosts an extensive collection of free and legal music downloads across various genres.

It provides access to both established and emerging artists, making it a great resource for music enthusiasts looking for variety.

The platform’s curated playlists and user-friendly search features simplify music discovery.

Whilst its Creative Commons licensing ensures that the music is available for free and legal download.

Update those playlists here

Internet Archive’s Audio Library 

18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Internet Archive’s Audio Library is a treasure trove for music lovers, featuring a wide range of audio recordings, including music.

From classical compositions to contemporary tracks, individuals can explore and download music from various genres, with a special focus on the classical genre.

The website’s massive collection is a result of collaborations with libraries, artists, and radio stations.

It’s a remarkable resource for discovering rare recordings and exploring different musical eras.

See what you can find here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

DatPiff is a popular website for hip-hop and mixtape enthusiasts.

It hosts a huge collection of mixtapes from both established and up-and-coming artists, offering free downloads of their projects.

The platform provides an avenue for artists to showcase their skills and gain recognition.

Users can access an extensive library of hip hop mixtapes from diverse artists and regions.

It’s one of the most recognised websites to listen to your favourite hip hop musicians and listen to their most exclusive work before anyone else. 

Check out the wide range of music here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Last.fm is known for its music recommendation system, but it also allows users to download tracks from their favourite artists.

While not all songs are available for free, many artists offer selected tracks as free downloads.

It has several pages of free music from numerous genres. So, it caters to every need. 

Last.fm’s personalised recommendations and comprehensive artist information make it a valuable platform for discovering new music and expanding your music collection.

Download music from the site here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

ReverbNation is a platform that connects independent artists with fans.

It features a dedicated section for free music downloads, where artists can offer their tracks for free to promote their work.

Users can explore a wide range of genres, discover new artists, and download their music legally.

ReverbNation also provides valuable promotional tools and resources for artists to advance their careers.

See what you come across here

Amazon Music 

18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Amazon Music offers a vast selection of music, including free downloads.

By navigating to the “Free Songs & Albums” section, users can discover and download a wide range of tracks from various genres.

While the selection of free songs may vary, Amazon Music’s extensive library and interface make it a convenient platform for free music downloads.

Give Amazon Music a go here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Bandcamp is a popular platform for independent artists, allowing them to sell their music directly to fans.

Many artists offer their music for free or pay-what-you-want, making it a great resource for discovering new talent and downloading music legally.

Bandcamp also provides a sense of community.

Users can follow their favourite artists and stay updated with their latest releases.

For songs that don’t have a minimum price, just enter ‘0’ in the payment box, and then follow the on-screen prompts to start the download. 

Sometimes, albums don’t have a minimum price meaning you can also download them for free. 

Download music from the site here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

SoundClick is a music-based social media platform that allows artists to showcase their work.

It offers free music downloads in various genres, making it an excellent resource for music enthusiasts.

SoundClick’s charts and rankings help individuals discover popular tracks and emerging artists, fostering a vibrant community of music lovers and creators.

Discover new sounds here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Audiomack is a platform that hosts a big collection of music, including tracks from established artists and emerging talent.

It offers free downloads of songs, albums, and mixtapes across multiple genres.

Audiomack’s sleek design, user-friendly interface, and curated playlists make it a popular choice for music enthusiasts seeking free and legal downloads.

Check them out for yourself here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

While primarily a video-sharing platform, YouTube is also an excellent resource for free music downloads.

Many artists and record labels release official music videos or tracks for free on the platform.

Users can utilise third-party download tools or official YouTube download options to save their favourite music videos as MP3 files – as long as no copyright laws are broken. 

However, YouTube also has an audio library – primarily made up of royalty-free music. 

Hit the small Play icon to listen to each song sample. If you like what you hear, click the Download button next to it. 

Give it a go here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Musopen focuses on classical music and offers a wide range of compositions from renowned composers.

It allows users to download classical music tracks for free and is a valuable resource for enthusiasts of this genre.

Musopen also provides sheet music and educational resources.

The platform is quickly becoming the go-to for classical music enthusiasts and students.

See what you can download here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

CCTrax is a platform that features free music from various genres, including electronic, hip-hop, and ambient.

It allows users to download tracks for personal use and is an excellent resource for discovering independent artists.

CCTrax’s emphasis on Creative Commons licensing ensures that the music is legally available for free download.

Check CCTrax out here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Pagalnew is a South Asian-based website focused on Bollywood, Punjabi, Hindi and Bhangra songs. 

It showcases new, exclusive, and classic tracks from the world’s favourite artists and has thousands of songs available for free download. 

Users have the ability to scroll through all the new releases that Pagalnew has.

You can also search for your favourite tracks that you need for your playlists. 

The site is prone to a few ads so it’s best for individuals to install an adblocker for easy use. Or, they can just close the ad windows manually. 

Either way, this is a great website to download music. 

Spice up those playlists here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

Bensound is another website that holds royalty-free music for users to include in videos or content creation without getting copyright claimed. 

The company has served the likes of Netflix, Samsung, and Bose, so their tracks are legit and immersive. 

Whilst they have payment plans for certain songs, they host a range of different tracks from numerous genres for free download.

Simply sign up and start enjoying. 

See what you can find here


18 Best Free Sites to Download Music

BeatStars is a hub for collaboration, licensing, and distribution of music created by recording artists and producers.

Various non-exclusive and exclusive license types are available to cater to different needs. 

Whilst the primary focus is selling and buying beats, users can download a range of free beats for their own songs or content. 

They may also find some hidden gems that will ignite their own music catalogue. 

Interestingly, Lil Nas X purchased the beat for his 2019 megahit ‘Old Town Road’ from Beatstars. 

Download music from the site here

These 18 websites provide music enthusiasts with an extensive collection of free and legal music downloads.

Whether you’re looking for mainstream hits, independent artists, mixtapes, or classical compositions, these platforms offer a wealth of options to expand your music library.

By exploring these sites, you can discover new artists, support independent musicians, and enjoy high-quality music without spending a penny.

So, dive into the world of free music downloads and enhance your musical journey today.

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