Best Eye and Eyebrow Makeup for Desi Men

Makeup for men and the products available are increasing in popularity. We look at how eye makeup can enhance the look for Desi men.

The Best Eye Makeup Products for Desi Men

This type of makeup is probably the most common for Desi men

With everchanging and growing beauty standards for both sexes, there are numerous eye makeup products for Desi men.

The products available enhance your eyes and eyebrows, whilst staying true to your masculinity.

Fortunately, today’s market offers many types of products designed especially for men. Many makeup brands are aware of the needs of a modern man so they produce unisex eye makeup.

Introducing you to a number of ways to enhance and refine the look of your eyes and eyebrows, we look at products to help you achieve this.

We focus on simple, practical ways to give your eyes and eyebrows a more aesthetic appeal.

Here are best eye makeup products for Desi men that can enhance the most seductive part of your face, your eyes.

Eyebrow Styling

eye makeup for desi men

The eyebrows are the frame of your face, so take care to make them look neat. They don’t need to look perfectly symmetrical as that’s what makes your thick eyebrows masculine, but just groomed and neat.

The masculine look of eyebrows is achieved by enhancing their thickness and making them look fuller by using the brush and a little bit of colour.

Among the sea of eyebrow makeup products, we chose the ones that are the most practical for male eyebrows.
Depending on your needs and preferences, you can either use only the brush for your eyebrows, a brush-on gel, a brow pen or a brow shadow.

Before using the brush-on gel, tap the brush with the product into a tissue as to not leave the watermarks on your skin while applying it.

Do take some time to master the technique of putting on the gel as it doesn’t apply as easy as an eyebrow pen or an eyebrow shadow.

However, it does give the dark texture and increased density to your eyebrows. When it dries, the gel makes your eyebrows look masculine and full.

Brush each eyebrow in the quick motion with short strokes. Stroke the hair that grows to the side in the direction of your hair and stroke the eyebrows growing up in the vertical direction.

If you have dark brown hair, use a shade slightly lighter than your hair. If you have black hair, it is effective to use dark brown shade for your eyebrows. If you, however, have light brown hair, then use one shade darker than your hair.

While applying eyebrow products, keep in mind that the aim is to fill in the imperfect spots.

If you want to stand out and make a full on makeup look apply the brow pencil on the full length of your eyebrows.

Keep in mind that it will take some practice to achieve an eyebrow shape that you desire.

If you want to simply enhance your natural look, use a pencil or a gel to fill in the holes in your eyebrows.

If you want to cover the patchy, uneven parts of your eyebrows, don’t hesitate to use a brow shadow.

Angle the tip of an eyebrow or an eyeshadow brush and brush it inside of the box until it soaks in the product. Then apply it on your eyebrows with quick strokes in the same way as you would apply the eyebrow gel.

The softness and flexibility of a brush will give you the space to practice how much of the product you want to apply.

When it comes to the eyebrows, more is less. It usually takes only a small amount of product to groom your eyebrows.

As soon as you see that your brows are thicker and their shape is more defined, you’ve done the job well.
The following products will help you achieve neat and well-groomed eyebrows.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set, £15.50

The advantage of this brush-on gel is that the texture of the gel is not greasy and it doesn’t clump.

This high quality pigmented gel dries easily and it will make your eyebrows look evened out and condensed, but won’t stiffen them.

You will be able to get out of the house without feeling self-conscious about how your eyebrows look like when the product dries.

Another benefit is that you can be out and about for the most of the day or dance for hours at a party while still having a flawless eyebrow look. This is because this product resists humidity and sweat for 8 hours.

Shades Quiet Brunette and Brown Ebony are the best for dark brown Asian eyebrows.

MAC Eye Brows Styler, £15.50

This brow definer pen offers 8 different shades. Most of them are in darker tones fitting the Desi brows, so you can easily choose the one that is perfect for you.

The waterproof pen guarantees the natural colour and the brush mimicking human hair improves the shape and gives the tidy look to your eyebrows.

MAC Brow Set, £15.50

This simple to use brush-on gel comes in only two shades, Clear and Beguile. Clear Shade will style your eyebrows and give them a natural shine without stiffening.

You won’t regret buying this gel, as you can groom your lashes, sideburn and facial hair with it.

This gel is waterproof, wearable for 8 hours and safe for contact lenses. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about reapplying it every few hours.

Its smooth formula prevents clumping and flaking, so you can use it without worrying about traces of makeup around your eyebrows.

Adding that extra bit of shine while brushing your eyebrows, will make your look complete whether you are going to the university or to the night party.

MAC 204 Lash Brush, £ 12.00 (Debenhams)

If you want to solely brush your eyebrows but you don’t want any liquids, you can buy a separate lash brush. You can use it for both eyebrows and lashes.

MMUK Man Brow Shadow, £15.50

The shades Black, Brown and Black Brown are a perfect fit for dark Desi eyebrows.

The light texture of this formula makes it easy to apply with an eyebrow brush. This asset makes this product perfect for beginners in the use of makeup.

The subtlety of this brow shadow will keep your eyebrows looking natural and masculine.


eye makeup for desi men manscara

Manscara is the male term for mascara. There is nothing stopping you from buying women’s products for this purpose as long as the colour is right for you.

The general rule is to apply the manscara from the root of the eyelashes to the tips of lashes with quick, upwards strokes.

A plain black manscara will accentuate your eyes.

You only need a slight touch of manscara to enhance the look of your eyes with it.

Before applying a manscara with a wand, take the brush out of the casing and rub all the excess black texture off the casing as to prevent clumping.

Place the wand at the root of your lash line and swipe upwards until the ends of your lashes 2 to 6 times until you get the desired effect varying from the natural to the more dramatic look.

The best way to apply the colourless manscara is to look down, close your eyes and then brush your lashes upwards. 

This way you will separate them and curl them without leaving stickiness as it dries quickly.

MMUK Man Manscara, £14.00

This manscara is specially designed for men and its smudge proof and waterproof formula ensure a natural, everyday look. You can confidently wear this mascara at work or at uni.

It comes in black, brown and clear. If you want to simply practice applying the mascara without any colour, you can start with the clear one.

Unlike others, this mascara is harmless for the health of your eyes as it doesn’t contain any plastics, sealers or fibre.

Give a try to this mascara as it is specially designed for men and it won’t disappoint you.

MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, £15.38

If you want a dramatic look, this mascara will extend the length and density of your lashes by adding the volume and black colour.

A large brush makes it easy to apply and separates your lashes while prolonging them. Your lashes will be carbon black and they will certainly enhance your eyes without making them look feminine.

Don’t be afraid to use it as its formula prevents smudging, flakes or clumps.

L’Oreal Men Explosive Manscara, £10.00

You don’t have to fear that your eyelashes will look uneven and amateur with this manscara, as its design enables it to reach even the smallest and thinnest lashes because of the small, round and elastic brush.

A special design of a brush of this manscara stops clumping and will put you in control of enhancing your eyelashes. You can touch upon any lash that doesn’t look long or black enough.

With this brush, you can achieve a present and professional look. The bonus is that it lasts all day long.

Under Eye Concealer

eye makeup for desi men concealer

Concealers are the best way to hide blemishes and issue, especially around the eye area.

South Asian brown skin has more melatonin which causes dark eye bags. If you want to reduce the tired and dreary, especially below and around the eyes, here are some popular products and ways to address these problems.

Before buying any concealer, try out its different tones on your wrist skin. Always strive to pick a colour that is like your skin tone or one or two shades lighter.

If you are using a foundation, use the same shade for the under eye concealer. Be careful as you don’t want to make your under eye area look too pale.

Depending on its design, you can apply the concealer with your fingers, a wand or even with a brush. Just put a small amount of it under your eyes, about three dots and then gently rub it in with a clean finger.

If using a wand, draw a line under each eye, following the circular shape of your eye. Then rub it into your skin with a tip of the clean finger until the skin soaks it up and the texture is smooth under your eyes.

An extra tip is to take a cotton bud and spray some Charged Water on it. With a tip of it remove the makeup right under the lower eyelid. This helps make your eyes seem larger.

You can even use a brush to tap in your concealer and to remove any oiliness on your skin.

If you want a full, blended makeup look, blend in some foundation into your face after you apply the concealer.

MMUK MAN Age Defender Concealer, £24.00

There are only six different colour tones which makes it easy to choose the colour matching your skin tone. It perfectly covers dark spots, eye bags and blemishes.

It also includes collagen which decreases the emergence of wrinkles around eyes.

This under-eye concealer has a smooth and easy texture that is easy to apply. It can be applied in only a few minutes. Therefore, it can fit easily into your daily routine.

Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer, £18.50

Once you apply this concealer you can easily wear it all day long and on any occasion without fearing that it will leave dry or cakey spots.

A very fluid texture and soft, spongey applicator ensure easy application.

This concealer won’t be heavy on your skin like other concealers and will not be even visible as the wand guarantees full and precise blending.

Guyliner and Eye Pencil

eye makeup for desi men guyliner

This type of makeup is probably the most common for Desi men. Because it was something that was applied to the eyes by Desi men frequently in the past and was known as khol and surma.

Immigrant men who came to the UK in the 1950s and 1960s also used to wear it, until it was banned as a dangerous substance due to the finely ground glass and lead in the products they brought over from their homelands.

The look is back today and men are donning the eyes with guyliner, which is the term for male eyeliner. The following products and tips will help you achieve that traditional look from the past.

If you want to become a master in applying eyeliners, we advise you to start with a plain eye pencil. A thick texture of the eye pencil will make it easy for you to draw lines and practice until you reach the perfection.

It is important to choose a good quality eye pencil with a soft texture, but firm tip so you can draw lines with ease and confidence.

A black eye pencil is the safest bet as it will give your eyes a nice, deep masculine tone. However, you can still experiment with brown eye pencils.

There are a few ways to apply the eye pencil.

Pull your lower eyelid down and start from the inner edge of your eye towards the side of it. Be slow and careful as the lower lid is very delicate. You can choose to apply only this much, but if you wish to have a more intense look, you can apply the eye pencil on the upper eyelid in the same way.

Furthermore, you can put the eye pencil on the outer edge of your eye. When it comes to this part of your eye, apply the pencil lightly and stay away from the inner and outer corner of your eye. It is enough to draw a thin line close to your lash line.

If you want to have a look similar to surma, just apply the thicker layer under your lower eyelid. To make it look thicker apply it a few times.

Depending on which look you prefer, you can choose to apply the eyeliner into the lash line or only under the eye waterline.

Draw a black line directly onto your lash line and slightly above it. It doesn’t have to be super tidy, because you can blend it out with a soft cosmetic brush or a cotton swipe after.

When it comes to the lower part of your eye, put the eyeliner carefully. If you want to avoid eye-watering, count to three while you apply it and then stop. Then come back to it and count to three while you apply more.

With this technique, your eyes will have a slightly messy, sexy and dark look.

Liquid eyeliner takes a bit of practice to apply, but it creates a well-rounded rich eye look.

It is enough to apply this product to your lashline. You can remove the excess of the eyeliner and blend it in with a Q bud. The idea is that it’s not too visible and that it looks as natural as possible.

Finally, you can use a cotton bud with a pointy tip or a soft brush to blend in any imperfections.

Lancome Crayon Khol Eye Pencil Liner, £18.50

This soft and easily blendable eye pencil comes in all the shades of black and smoky grey that you can’t go wrong with.

Its texture makes it easy to make a sharp or a softer, but deeper smokey eye look. As it glides easily under your eye, it is also good for making a traditional surma look.

Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner, £17. 00

True Black and Black Honey shades adapt nicely to the darker skin pigment under your eyes.

This waterproof liner comes with a mini eyeliner brush that eases the application of the product.

The good thing is that even if you aren’t too precise, the non-smudge and non-flake formula of this product enables you to smudge it while it’s still wet.

This can result in a smokey eye look with a traditional undertone similar to the surma.

MAC Liquidlast Liner, £17.00

MAC Liquidlast Liner has been a best seller for years for a reason.

The waterproof formula of this eyeliner is perfect for everyday use because once it dries it doesn’t smudge. You can even work out in the gym while wearing this eyeliner and you don’t have to fear humid and rainy weather.

A thin brush allows an unimaginable precision and ability to apply more layers without looking messy.

Calvin Klein Gel Liquid Guyliner, £15.00

The smooth, liquid formula of Calvin Klein guyliner will ensure that your makeup lasts for a long time.

It is easy to apply, dries quickly and applies evenly on your eyelid without smudging.

If you want to experiment further with eyeliners, one or a few shades darker than your skin tone can make for a natural look.


eye makeup for desi men eyeshadow

You might think that the eyeshadow would make you look feminine, but as it brings out your natural eye colour, it will actually enhance your masculine features.

It all depends on how much eyeshadow you use and which products you use.

While eyeshadow is not a mandatory part of your makeup regime, it can give you that final touch to solidify your whole look.

The only thing you have to do is take a brush or a cotton swab and put some product on it. Put on your lashline and slightly above that line in a sweeping motion like you would blend the eyeliner.

If you are feeling cheeky, you can apply the eyeshadow on your whole eyelids. You can do this either with your clean index finger or with a soft brush.

MMUK Man Matte Eyeshadow, £15.50

MMUK Man Matte Eyeshadow has a  matte texture that will make your eyes look masculine without making them look shiny. It will enhance your eye look and give them a nice,  matte finish.

A great thing about this darker eyeshadow is that you can use it instead of the eyeliner. This product is ideal for that endeavour as it comes in Dark Brown, Light Brown and Black colour.

MAC Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan), £10.00

The best shades for you would be Intense Black or Brown Down, even though you can feel free to experiment with other shades of brown or even grey.

This palette also offers many darker skin tones that would match your skin and would create a subtle, but bold statement in your look.

Smooth, but the solid and pigmented texture makes it easy to blend and apply. This high-quality MAC’s eyeshadow can be used wet and dry.

The small design of the box makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

You don’t have to be an experienced makeup artist to achieve perfect eye look.

It only takes some time and patience to master the techniques of eye makeup that could completely transform your appearance.

Makeup only looks bad if it is applied wrongly and overdone. So start by experimenting and trying a few of these products. If done right, you can really enhance your eyes and eyebrows to give them a more alluring look.

Lea is a student of English and Creative Writing and is constantly rethinking herself and the world around her through writing and reading poetry and short stories. Her motto is: "Take your first step before you’re ready."

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