Anwar Ali jailed for using Computer Games to Groom and Rape Boy

Anwar Ali from Manchester has been jailed for grooming, sexually abusing and raping a young boy using computer games to allure him.

anwar ali

The boy was sexually abused by Ali for a period of four years

Anwar Ali, aged 33, from Hyde a town in Manchester, has been jailed for raping and sexually abusing a young boy, who he groomed using computer games.

His trial was heard at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester.

Ali was found guilty of five counts of rape of a child under 12, four counts of sexual assault and two counts of accessing indecent images of children.

He was sentenced to prison for 21 years by the judge for his horrid crimes.

Police stated that the child who was aged under 12 at the time and is now a teenager, was lured by Ali using computer games.

Ali used the computer games to distract him away from other people, he then sexually assaulted the boy a number of times.

Subsequently, Ali raped the boy.

The boy was sexually abused by Ali for a period of four years.

Anwar Ali was caught after a tip-off.

Officers from Great Manchester Police’s Child Protection Unit began an investigation and seized one of Ali’s computers for examination of its contents.

The audit of the computer’s hard drive revealed that Ali had been using it to view indecent images of children.

Ali was then arrested by police upon this discovery.

After his arrest, the horror and extent of Ali’s sexual abuse were then unveiled.

Ali denied that he had assaulted the young boy which led to the victim having to give evidence and re-live that trauma inflicted by Ali in court.

The police hugely praised the victim’s brave step to give evidence in court against Ali, to help prove him guilty of the harrowing crime.

Louise Isherwood a Detective Constable at Great Manchester Police’s Child Protection Unit said:

“Ali is a sexual predator who not only used a young boy’s interest in computer games to abuse him over a prolonged period but had the audacity to plead innocence from the point of police interview and right throughout the trial, forcing the victim to relive this horrific ordeal.

“But, thanks to the courage of his victim – who did not want to tell his friends and family about this abuse and coped with it on his own before receiving specialist support from officers – we have today’s sentence, which sends out a clear message that no matter when these types of crime happen, they will be taken very seriously.”

With sexual child abuse still a major taboo in British Asian communities, it is important to observe from a case like this that vile paedophiles like Anwar Ali can be brought to justice.

It requires victims to come forward even confidentially and get the specialist support available from police.

If you know of any child or an adult survivor of child sexual abuse you can contact the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit via their website. Or call your local police child protection unit.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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