Ahad’s Mother breaks silence on his Divorce with Sajal Aly

Ahad Raza Mir’s mother Samra Mir has opened up about her son’s divorce from Sajal Aly. She responded to a fan on Instagram.

Ahad’s Mother breaks silence on his Divorce with Sajal Aly - f

“Thank you for your love.”

Ahad Raza Mir’s mother has replied to a ‘Sahad’ fan on Instagram after the news of her son’s divorce from Sajal Aly broke out publicly.

Sajal and Ahad’s fans were messaging Samra regarding their split and many expressed their grief on the same.

Samra replied to a fan by saying that he should pray for the two of them. She added:

“Thank you for your love.”

Earlier before Ahad’s wedding, he and Samra appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show after the success of his romantic serial with Sajal, Yaqeen Ka Safar.

A few clips from the old interview are resurfacing on social media.

Nida Yasir asked Samra how she reacts when she gets complaints about her son when he teases girls.

Ahad Raza Mir quickly responded and said that it has never happened.

Ahad’s mother said that girls tease her son and not the other way around, adding that it has been happening since his childhood.

The duo, who are lovingly referred to as ‘Sahad’ by fans, is seen as one of Pakistan’s favourite power couples.

After starring in Yakeen Ka Safar together, they became inseparable.

One drama and advertisement after another, Sajal and Ahad dominated the Pakistani entertainment space.

Whilst they both refrained from excessively sharing their relationship on social media, their fans couldn’t get enough of the two.

So, when Sajal removed her husband’s surname from her Instagram bio and Ahad failed to make an appearance at family functions, the news instantly sent shockwaves through Lollywood.

The star couple has long been rumoured to have parted ways after getting married in 2020.

Despite Sajal and Ahad’s efforts to dispel separation rumours, netizens are not convinced about their status.

Adding fuel to the fire, neither Sajal Aly nor Ahad acknowledged their second wedding anniversary on social media.

In 2021, Ahad extended gratitude to his fans for their love on his first wedding anniversary with Sajal. The actor shared a photo with Sajal and wrote:

“We really felt like you celebrated with us.”

In the latest development surrounding the couple, Sajal has removed Ahad Mir from her name on Instagram, fuelling separation rumours about her marital life.

Fans were quick to react on Instagram, expressing their devastation, along with strong support for Sajal Aly.

There was a range of other comments reflecting on the possible “toxic marriage” of the two.

Both Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir have remained quiet on the matter.

Only time will tell if one of the two will open up and provide their fans with an update.

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