Aamir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’ co-star Pleads to Him for Work

Praveena, Aamir Khan’s co-star from ‘Lagaan’, has publicly asked the Bollywood superstar to provide her with some work.

Aamir Khan’s Lagaan co-star Pleads to Him for Work f

“As we all know that he has helped his co-stars"

Aamir Khan’s Lagaan co-star has publicly asked him for work after she suffered from a brain stroke in 2020.

Praveena, who played Kesariya in the 2001 cult classic, reached out to the Bollywood actor for support.

She revealed that Khan does not know about her current health condition.

The actress said that if he had then he would definitely have helped her as he had with fellow Lagaan co-star Sri Vallabh Vyas:

“Aamir bhai doesn’t know about my illness. If he had known, he would have definitely helped me.

“As we all know that he has helped his co-stars from Lagaan including Sri Vallabh Vyas.”

Vyas died after he also had a brain stroke followed by a paralytic attack while on a film set in 2018.

Khan had reportedly reached out to help the actor’s family to see if he could provide them with any support.

Now, Praveena has asked Aamir Khan whether he might be able to provide her with any work following her brain stroke.

She said: “I need to work and plead to him to give me work…

“All I want to tell him is, give me work in your office.”

The actress mentioned that her family and many of her friends had been supportive while she was in rehabilitation.

However, she added that she currently needs financial assistance while on her path to making a full recovery.

Praveena continued: “My family has always helped and there are few friends who look out for me, as well.

“All I want now is some financial help till the time my health is not good.

“I want work as a casting director and would request production houses to give me work.”

The actress has appeared in a number of movies including Pinjar in 2003 and Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo the following year as well as a number of television shows.

On her decision of wanting to work as a casting director instead of an actress, she said:

“I have had arthritis from 2012 and the condition of my hands has become such that I cannot work as an actor, anymore.

“After my health improved a while ago, I had started working as a casting director.

“I want to continue with that work and it is imperative that I am employed to be able to take care of myself.”

Praveena also revealed that she had received help from fellow actors Akshay Kumar and Sonu Sood in 2019.

She pointed out that the CINTAA (Cine and TV Artistes’ Association) had stepped up to support her too.

The plea comes after reports that veteran actress Shagufta Ali had been facing financial issues in July 2021.

The 54-year-old has been struggling to land roles and had been seeking assistance as a result.

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