8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try

Packaged snacks are great to eat on the go or when feeling peckish. DESIblitz brings you eight Pakistani packaged snacks to buy and try.

8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - f

"I wish we had them in the UK!"

Packaged snacks are great for munching on between meals or just when you are feeling peckish.

Pakistani cuisine offers an array of aromatic foods, with dishes such as Nihari, Gol Gappe, Halwa Puri and Chapli Kebab.

Aside from these classics, Pakistan also has a range of unique packaged snacks that can be found in street stalls and in supermarkets.

As Pakistani food is known for its flavours, packaged snacks that are sold in Pakistan are also full of strong unique flavours.

DESIblitz brings you eight flavoursome packaged snacks that you can try next time you are in Pakistan.


8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Lays

Lays is the same brand as the popular UK crisps brand, Walkers. Walkers were founded in 1948 and quickly became the UK’s leading crisp brand.

In 1989, PepsiCo brought Walkers and rebranded it as Lays.

However, due to brand loyalty, they decided to keep the Walkers name in the UK.

Lays in Pakistan sell the classic Ready Salted flavour, but they also sell a range of unique flavours to Pakistan.

You can purchase flavours such as:

  • Masala
  • Yoghurt & Herb
  • Mexican Chilli
  • French Cheese
  • Paprika
  • Texas BBQ

Student Zahra said:

“My favourite Pakistani crisps are the Lays Masala ones.

“I get them every time I visit Pakistan, I wish we had them in the UK!”

The masala is extremely flavoursome and contains an array of spices.

This includes onion powder, garlic powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, black pepper, tomato powder, parsley, and paprika.

You can purchase various sizes of Lays in Pakistan, a small size retails for Rs. 20 (9p), while a large size retails for Rs. 30 (14p).

Check out a 2021 Lays advert:


Pop Nosh Popcorn

8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Pop Nosh

Pop Nosh popcorn is Pakistan’s “first and original handcrafted Gourmet Popcorn” brand.

This packaged snack brand sells a range of different flavours. These include:

  • Caramel Crunch
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Cashew Crunch
  • French Butter
  • English Toffee
  • Choco Loco
  • Lotus Biscoff
  • Movie Theatre
  • Peri-Peri
  • Spicy Jalapeno
  • Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel

The flavours are quite innovative and unusual to your regular sweet and salted popcorn.

It is a must-try when visiting Pakistan and there are a variety of flavours for everyone’s tastebuds.

You can purchase a large packet for only Rs. 58, which is equivalent to 26p.

The Pop Nosh packets are quite large so they are perfect for sharing during a movie!

Pringles Desi Masala Tadka

8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Pringles

American brand Pringles is an iconic brand that sells well-loved products.

Many countries around the world in fact sell Pringles.

However, alongside the classic flavours of Original, Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream, Pringles in Pakistan have some unique flavours.

They sell the following flavours:

  • Paprika
  • Peri-Peri
  • Pizza
  • Chutney
  • Desi Masala Tadka

The Desi Masala Tadka flavour is very popular amongst Pakistanis, with many loving the intense Desi spices coming from the crisps.

However, this one will definitely have you reaching for the water, as the spices in these Pringles are quite intense, yet are still enjoyable.

Pringles are slightly more expensive than other packaged snacks in Pakistan.

One tube of Pringles in Pakistan retails for Rs. 290, which is approximately £1.30.

Kurkure Chutney Chaska

8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Chutney Chaska

Chutney Chaska crisps by Kurkure, are flavoured crisps made from 100% natural corn.

The packaging states how these crisps contain “a flavour ka punch” (a punch of flavour) and that certainly is the case.

It has a subtle tomato flavour to it, however, as it contains oranges, the sweetness is the more dominant flavour.

You would love this Pakistani packaged snack if you are a fan of sweet and savoury combinations.

A standard crisp size pack of these retails for Rs. 20, which is equivalent to 9p.


8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Slanty

Slanty, by Pakistani snack company Kolson, are penne pasta shaped crisps.

They have a different texture compared to normal crisps. They have a much softer bite to them and melt in your mouth once bitten.

Although they are an unusual texture, the change is quite pleasant and is a must to try when visiting Pakistan.

Slanty come in a range of flavours such as Jalapeno, Salted and Vegetable flavour.

The Jalapeno flavour is not too overpowering, yet it still has a nice spicy kick to it.

Aside from the Jalapeno, it is enriched with chilli, onion, tamarind, paprika, cumin, coriander and black pepper.

You can purchase a packet for only Rs. 30, which is equivalent to 14p.

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8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Candeez

This next packaged snack is for those who have a sweet tooth.

Candeez, by Hila Foods, are hard-boiled sweets that have a flavoured centre.

They come in a range of standard and unique flavours:

  • Amras – contains a mango filling.
  • Pan Pasand – contains mint and the sweetness of real paan.
  • Khopra – contains a real coconut centre.
  • Choran Chatni – contains a tangy centre with oriental spices.
  • Hajmola – contains a sweet and sour tamarind centre.
  • Strawberry Masti – contains a strawberry centre.
  • Amrood Chaat – contains a spicy guava chaat centre.
  • Rasila Orange –  contains a tangy orange centre.

One of the most popular ones is Pan Pasand, which is an extremely refreshing sweet.

Paan is a popular snack in South Asia. It is when a betel leaf is filled with an assortment of ingredients and folded into a triangle.

It is usually chewed to get the flavour then spat out. Traditionally, paan contains tobacco, however, you can also get tobacco-free meetha paan.

Candeez sweets replicate the fresh minty flavour of meetha paan.

You can purchase a pack of 25 sweets for Rs. 45, which is equivalent to 20p.

They are a fun snack to have on the go or as a refresher after meals.

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8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Nimko

This packaged snack is extremely addictive and will leave you coming back for more!

Nimko, by Kurkure, contains a Chatpata Mix of potato sticks, peanuts, and chickpeas. It is packed with immense spices but it is not too overpowering.

It is great to snack on while working, watching a movie, or during car journeys.

Nimko is similar to the Cofresh Bombay Mix sold in the UK, however is a little more spicey.

One person said:

“I love Nimko so much, it’s such an addictive snack that I never want to share!”

You can purchase a large pack of Nimko for only Rs. 30, which is equivalent to 14p.

Check out the Nimko advert:


Chili Mili

8 Pakistani Packaged Snacks to Buy and Try - Chili Mili

Chili Mili, by leading Pakistani sweet company Candyland, are jelly sweets with a hot chilli twist.

They have a nice balance of spicy and sweet. This one is an acquired taste but it is extremely popular in Pakistan and is loved by all ages.

This sweet is distinct and you are unlikely to find anything similar elsewhere.

Chili Mili is not just flavoured with chillies, but the actual sweets are also shaped like one too.

You can purchase different sized packets but a party pack costs Rs. 50 (20p).

Check out a Chili Mili advert:


These are a selection of some delicious packaged snacks that are found in Pakistan.

While some of the brands have international recognition, the flavours are exclusively found in Pakistan.

They offer a variety of unique flavours that locals recognise and love.

So when you’re in Pakistan, try these packaged snacks and experience the mouthwatering flavours.

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