7 Hottest Photoshoots by Dabboo Ratnani

DESIblitz takes our favourite picks of the hottest and most stunning photoshoots ever taken by Dabboo Ratnani, the ace photographer.

7 Hottest Photoshoots by Dabboo Ratnani

"His calendar shot [becomes] the most challenging mission of the year."

Dabboo Ratnani is one of the leading, if not best, photographers in Bollywood.

For those of you who don’t know, Dabboo has recently become a part of the all-star judging panel on the hit reality TV show, India’s Next Top Model.

But he is first and foremost known for his incredible work with a bunch of A-list celebs, such as Aishwarya Rai, Hrithik Roshan and Bipasha Basu.

His name is synonymous with his iconic calendar, which sees an annual collectible assortment of celebrity photographs.

We look back at some of the most breathtaking photoshoots that Dabboo has taken across his calendar portfolio.

Shraddha Kapoor7 hottest photo shoots from Dabboo Ratnani

This Bollywood actress sends temperatures soaring with her spread in Dabboo’s 2015 calendar shoot.

An extremely proud Shraddha seduces with her smooth and sexy back.

Dabboo makes sure he encaptures her ever-present class and femininity in the shot, as opposed to an over-revealing picture.

He comments: “She has a great body, gorgeous face and a lot of confidence. It was lovely shooting with her.”

Aishwarya Rai7 Hottest Photoshoots by Dabboo Ratnani

No list would be complete without the queen of Bollywood, Aishwayra Rai, making an appearance in the 2013 calendar.

Lounging seductively on a bed, Ash sends temperatures racing with this tantilising shot.

Wearing a gorgeous gold sequineed gown, the star channels an old school beauty as she poses for the iconic photographer.

Ash and Dabboo are guarunteed to put on an excellent shoot together, and he always ensures that her stunning looks and eye catching features are emphasised.

Her strikingly beautiful eyes delve deep into the camera, whilst the sunlit lighting works well with the star’s attire.

Dabboo transforms Aishwarya into a golden goddess in this snapshot, and she sure does look magnificent.

Bipasha Basu7 hottest photo shoots from Dabboo Ratnani

The Bollywood babe looks fierce in Dabboo’s 2012 calendar.

He knows what makes for a good photoshoot setting – smoke machines to mould a seductive ambiance, and dusky lighting to enhance the mood.

In black matching underwear, Bipasha flaunts her curves in front of the camera. Her body is utterly envious, and her hair and makeup preened to perfection.

The actress doesn’t normally lose the layers in her photoshoots, but with Dabboo, she feels at ease.

She says: “With many other photographers, I would not be able to shoot a picture like this because I’m very, very comfortable with Dabboo.”

Alia Bhatt7 Hottest Photoshoots by Dabboo Ratnani

Student of the Year (2012) star, Alia Bhatt, turns wet and wild for this provocative shot.

Wearing a bold red lip colour, the beautiful star channels her inner seductress as water trickles down her face.

His unique, innovative and artistic approach is just one of many reasons why we love Dabboo.

Speaking of her experience on working with the star photographer, Alia says: “This time my shot like the last time will be the best shot in the calendar.”

We couldn’t agree more, she definitely scores a 10/10 for us!

Disha Patani

Dabboo Ratnani Calendar 2017

Disha Patani went topless for the 2017 calendar.

Only wearing studded biker boots and black underwear, the heat is definitely turned up by the empowered Disha who looks stunning with tousled hair and strands of it fluttering across her lip.


Hrithik Roshan7 hottest photo shoots from Dabboo Ratnani

For the 2013 Dabboo Ratnani calendar, Hrithik Roshan looks unbelievably gorgeous in a grey open sleeved hoodie, paired with fitted white pants.

The heartthrob sings the photographer’s praises between takes: “The thing with Dabboo is, that his calendar shot, [becomes] the most challenging mission of the year.

“It’s once in a year I think that I am made to work this hard for a photo session…He comes up with the most outlandish concepts.”

Hrithik is made to look a million dollars in this shoot, and we cannot thank Dabboo enough!

Vidya Balan7 hottest photo shoots from Dabboo Ratnani

In the 2012 calendar, Vidya lounges in a bubble-filled bath, and looks beyond seductive.

The shoot embraces a classic look, with a gold statement necklace and grand mirror moulding a glitzy element.

Vidya puts all of her faith in Dabboo as a photographer: “It’s such a comfortable feeling, and I always try to do something different with him.”

This is one of the star’s most sensuous shoots, emphasising how Dabboo pushes boundaries and comfort zones for each of his models, regardless of their status.

With such iconic photos, there is no question that Dabboo Ratnani is one of the greatest photographers of today.

These seven photoshoots are just snippets of his great work, and we cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us in the coming months!

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of Dabboo Ratnani Calendars

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