7 Best Selfies of Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor: actress, fashionista, and now selfie queen! We can’t get enough of Bollywood’s latest ‘it’ girl, so let’s take a look at her 7 best selfies.


Sonam is guaranteed to look amazing in every snap she takes!

It’s official. Sonam Kapoor is not only the queen of fashion, but the queen of selfies!

Instagram, Twitter, you name it, her candid snaps are all over social media.

She has a selfie for every occasion. Whether it’s waiting around for her celeb pals, or flaunting her designer outfits on the red carpet, Sonam knows how to work the camera.

So what better way to celebrate the Bollywood beauty than to take a look at her top 5 selfie snaps?

Get ready to experience some serious selfie envy!

1. The ‘Showbiz’ Selfie feat. Fawad Khan

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Not only was Sonam lucky enough to star alongside Fawad Khan in the movie Khoobsurat (2014), she was even blessed with taking numerous up close and personal selfies with the Pakistani-turned-Bollywood heartthrob!

In this particular snap, Sonam looks drop dead gorgeous; she shows off both her designer labels AND her celeb pals.

We’re not jealous, we swear…

2. The ‘LOL’ Selfie feat. Adorable Canine

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Sonam loves animals. so much so, that she went and adopted three abandoned dogs! And this selfie will surely bring out the animal lover in you.

Pulling an adorably shy pose, Sonam hides behind her crazy looking canine pooch, and it’s everything we could have asked for. Everybody say, ‘Awww’.

3. The ‘Preened to Perfection’ Selfie

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Sleek hair? Check. Flawless makeup? Check. Cute hairpiece? Check. Perfect selfie pose? CHECK!

You will never find a hair out of place with Sonam. And this gorgeous selfie proves just how beautiful the Bollywood star really is.

Sonam has her selfie angles perfected, and is guaranteed to look amazing in every snap she takes!

4. The ‘I Love my Fans’ Selfie

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Sonam has die hard fans from all ends of the globe.

Be it India or England, everyone loves a bit of the fashion queen, and she makes sure she spreads the love!

Captioned ‘Thank you for the love’, Sonam snapped a shot with hundreds of her fans in the background, and they couldn’t have been happier. And by the looks of things, neither could she!

5. The ‘Sassily Waiting’ Selfie

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Those who follow this beauty on Instagram will be familiar with these types of selfies.

Making best use of the time she has waiting around, Sonam recently blessed her Instagram page with not one, but two ‘waiting’ selfies, and looked flawless in both of them.

Definite selfie envy here!

6. The ‘BFF’ Selfie

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

There’s nothing like taking a selfie with your best friend. You know each others’ good side, you both know what pose looks best, and you both know how to work it!

Which is why Sonam’s selfie with celebrity pal, Jacqueline Fernandez is starring in our list!

With their wide smiles and clear adoration for each other, they couldn’t look any happier, and after all, that’s what makes the ultimate selfie.

7. The ‘Throwback’ Selfie

Sonam Kapoor Selfie

Okay, so this is not exactly the selfie you were expecting. But with a face like that, how could we possibly leave it out?

Captioned with the hashtags, #flashback and #babyme, this has to be the cutest picture of Sonam Kapoor, ever!

Not a selfie, but definitely one adorably cute snap.

Be it with friends, family, or just a good old fashion solo shot, we can’t get enough of these amazing selfies from our favourite Bollywood diva.

Keep them coming, Sonam!

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of Sonam Kapoor's Instagram page

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