12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India

The Indian state of Bihar is known for its wide variety of delicious street foods. We look at 12 of the most popular dishes that are available.

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India f

Traditionally the snack is roasted over a wood or cow-dung fire

Indian street foods are arguably some of the most delicious foods in the country and in Bihar there are many.

Many locals get their food from stalls as they are cheap, readily available and are full of flavour.

Not only do they feed the community but as there are so many street food stalls, they also provide employment and help grow the economy.

Some dishes have become so famous, they have become synonymous with the region. For example, litti chokha is considered to be Bihar’s signature dish.

Other street foods may have originated in other parts of India but its popularity saw it make its way to Bihar.

Street food, in general, has become very popular due to the short span of time between making the order and getting it.

Bihar’s street food scene is a sight to behold. Vendors are everywhere and the smell of fresh food fills your nostrils.

With so many well-known dishes available, we look at 12 popular street foods in Bihar in more detail.

Litti Chokha

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - litti

Litti chokha is considered to be a staple within the state of Bihar and it is found at most street food stalls.

It was originally a street food that was sold on carts but it soon made its way into restaurants. It is now one of Bihar’s most popular dishes.

It is a dough ball made up of whole wheat flour and stuffed with roasted chickpea flour along with various herbs and spices.

Traditionally the snack is roasted over a wood or cow-dung fire but in the modern-day, people have seen it being fried.

Once it is cooked, the litti is mixed with lots of ghee. It is then served alongside chokha, which is made by mashing boiled vegetables, adding spices and onion.

Together, they create a complimentary delicacy which is enjoyed by foodies.

Chana Ghugni

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - chana

When looking for street food in Bihar which is both tasty and filling, chana ghugni is one which comes to mind.

The vegetarian dish is well-known for being a spicy and tangy snack which is commonly eaten during the evening.

One thing it is renowned for is the fact that it can be served with almost anything. Chana ghugni goes well with parathas, roti and rice.

It is made up of boiled chickpeas which are then fried with onions and various spices to give it an intense flavour. The dish is typically fried along with flattened rice (chuda ka bhuja).

Together they are the perfect answer to satisfy your hunger and it is no wonder why the dish is extremely popular in Bihar.

Mutton Kebabs

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - kebab

Bihar is famous for its non-vegetarian dishes and in terms of street foods, mutton kebabs lead the way.

India was introduced to kebabs through Mughal cuisine. They quickly spread throughout the country to become one of the most popular meat dishes available.

It is simply pieces of mutton which have been marinated in various spices and skewered. The meat is then cooked on a grill which only adds to the delicious taste.

The result is tender and moist pieces of mutton that are filled with a plethora of flavour.

Mutton kebab is usually served with various fried vegetables which have also been cooked on a grill.

Arguably the best kebabs in Bihar can be found in Kadamkuan in Patna. The air is filled with the aroma of the kebabs which attract people like a magnet.

Lababdar Rolls

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - lababdar

Lababdar rolls may be popular in Bihar but they are also a much-loved street food in various regions of India.

It is basically a curry rolled in a roti to become an ideal street food item.

Onions and a mixture of spices are cooked in a spicy tomato gravy. Cream is sometimes added for a richer texture. They are then stuffed into the roti and rolled.

One of the most popular variations is made with paneer as it creates the perfect balance of flavours. The mild cheese contrasts perfectly with the intense spices.

It is also popular in Punjab where it is commonly served with aloo or onion paratha along with a glass of sweet lassi.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - laung

Laung-latika is one of the most famous dessert street foods in Bihar and it is usually prepared and eaten during festivals.

While it looks similar to other stuffed street foods, the clove in the centre of the light-crispy pastry is what makes it a level above the rest.

Laung-latika has a sweet stuffing but the cloves give it a pungent taste. The light snack is then dipped in sugar syrup.

The sugar syrup creates a texture so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. Laung-latika is one of many dishes that Bihar is known for.

The cloves provide a warming taste which is perfect for cold weather. Some of the best laung-latika can be found near the Patna Museum.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - Balushahi

Balushahi is a sweet, flour cup, containing a combination of flavours. It is no wonder that it is loved among Bihari people.

This dessert is extremely popular in the south of Bihar and each bite is irresistible.

The sweet is made from maida flour and filled with mildly sweetened khoya and spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. It is sometimes even flavoured with saffron for extra taste and fragrance.

The stuffing is then sealed and deep-fried until golden.

In terms of ingredients, balushahi is similar to a glazed doughnut but the taste and texture make it unique to other desserts.

Some dip it in melted butter to give it an added aroma.

Kulcha Burger

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - burger

Burgers are globally popular but in Bihar, street food vendors decided to create their own concept.

They have created burgers using kulcha. Kulcha is a mildly leavened bread made from maida flour, water, salt and a leavening agent such as yeast.

It is then mixed together to make a very tight dough.

After being baked, the meat or vegetable patty is then placed between two pieces of kulcha along with the condiments.

It is a burger with a Bihari twist, although other regions in India have been incorporating a range of stuffings.

The softness of kulcha gives it a similar texture to a regular burger bun. Some have said kulcha tastes better than a regular bun because kulcha is sometimes brushed with ghee for a richer flavour.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - bhel puri

Bhelpuri is believed to have originated in Mumbai but it has a special place on the streets of Bihar.

It is a type of chaat usually made from puffed rice, mixed vegetables, chutney and other fried snacks.

It has a balance of sweet, salty, tart and spicy flavours and it is this blend what attracts so many people. Not only is there an array of flavours but the textures also range, including crispiness from the puffed rice and fried sev.

People have put their own spin on the snack. From being made with yoghurt to having roasted nuts, there are so many ways to enjoy the snack.

Bhelpuri can also be served in many ways. Traditionally, it is served on a plate but street food vendors serve it paper which has been folded into a cone.

In terms of popular street foods in Bihar, bhelpuri is one of the most versatile.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - sakkar para

Another sweet street food that is popular in Bihar is shakkarpara. It may be a typical Gujarati food but it is thoroughly enjoyed in Bihar.

They are made of whole wheat flour, salt, and milk, similar to how biscuits are made, but shakkarpara also includes sugar. Others spices like cardamom are added for more flavour.

The snacks are then deep-fried until they have a golden texture.

Shakkarpara is crispy on the outside but they have a soft bite and the hint of sweetness can be immediately tasted.

Some prefer to have a sweeter shakkarpara by dipping them in sugar syrup. Each shakkarpara absorbs the syrup so there is intense sweetness all the way through.

Another street food variation is to let the sugar syrup cool down and the result is a powdery outer layer. It is truly one of the most delicious street foods in Bihar.

Batata Puri

12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - batata puri

Bihar huge culture is showcased through various street foods and one of the most popular is batata puri. The snack is also popular throughout Maharashtra.

It uses simple ingredients by stuffing a puri with a spiced potato mixture. It is topped with various chutneys, sev and onions. Choosing a chutney depends on what flavour you want to achieve.

Batata puri is simple to make and it is proper comfort food within Indian cuisine.

There is a slight crunch when the puri is broken into but every mouthful is a burst of vibrant flavours.

A combination of crispy puri with the crunchy sev and soft potatoes creates a tangy and spicy taste sensation that leaves you wanting more.

It even looks visually appealing as the sev and potatoes are seen filled to the top of the puri. This is one Bihari street food which must be tried.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - khaja

Another scrumptious and light snack which is popular in Bihar is khaja. It is believed to have been around for centuries.

The street food is made with wheat flour, sugar and whole dry milk. It is then deep-fried until crispy and puffy.

The golden snack has a wafer-like texture where the pastry layers can be seen. However, when eaten, it is soft.

Some consider khaja to be a dessert because it is usually soaked into sugar syrup until the pastry has absorbed it.

Another variant is belgrami which is made from milk solids, sugar and ghee. It is similar to khaja except it is not as sweet.

It comes to a matter of taste as they are both enjoyed by Biharis.


12 Popular Street Foods from Bihar in India - malpua

Malpua is a Bihari favourite that needs no introduction. It is like a small pancake served alongside a rich curry such as mutton.

The batter is made of flour, milk, mashed bananas and sugar. It is then deep-fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup.

Malpua has a crispy exterior while the centre remains soft and delicious. The snack is popularly known as pua and the sweet smell fills many homes and streets in Bihar.

Some dip it in thick rabri which is a sweet, condensed-milk-based dish.

Malpua is garnished with lime to provide a hint of acidity so that the sweetness does not become too overpowering.

They may be small but they pack a punch when it comes to the flavour.

Bihari has a range of delicious street foods which showcase the state’s rich culture. While some originate in Bihar, others made their way to the state and became popular.

Each authentic dish can be found on the streets and they promise big flavours.

Whether they are sweet or savoury, these street foods are what the locals enjoy eating and it is the reason why they keep coming back for more.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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