Young Indian Schoolgirl found Pregnant by Warden

A young Indian schoolgirl from Jharkhand was found to be pregnant. The school warden was the person who made the discovery.

Young Indian SchoolGirl found Pregnant by Warden f

someone inside the school could be involved.

A schoolgirl was found pregnant by the warden. The incident happened in the district of Garhwa, Jharkhand.

The education authorities were informed about the matter and revealed that a Class 9 student at a girls school was pregnant.

It was reported that the warden found the girl vomiting in the bathroom. When he asked what was wrong, she claimed that she was ill.

The warden was suspicious so he got a pregnancy testing kit and tested the minor. It confirmed that the girl was pregnant.

He then informed the education authorities.

During their internal investigation, they questioned the school’s security measures. The school has several CCTV cameras but it did not spot any potential intruders.

The authorities also suspect that someone inside the school could be involved.

After discovering the pregnancy, the warden immediately called the girl’s parents. After speaking to them, he signed a declaration, which stated that the girl said she had an illicit relationship with a boy from her village.

The warden handed the written declaration to education officials on January 24, 2020.

Even though an investigation was launched, the warden soon stopped turning up to the school.

When an education official questioned him, he said that he had to take sudden leave. When asked who gave him permission, the warden claimed that another education official gave him permission.

Garhwa Deputy Commissioner Harsh Mangla said an inspection of the school will be conducted on January 29, 2020.

He also said that officials will speak to the pregnant schoolgirl and her guardian.

Deputy Commissioner Mangla directed a social welfare officer to provide him with the contact details of the girl’s legal guardian so that a statement can be recorded.

He concluded by saying an FIR will be registered against the person responsible based on the statement from the girl’s guardian.

It is not yet known who got the girl pregnant, however, when education officials went to the school, staff members did not provide helpful information.

Following his leave, the whereabouts of the warden is also unknown.

There have been two previous cases of schoolgirls getting pregnant in Garhwa. Both matters were reported in December 2019.

The first case involved a Class 8 student at a Government Girls school where she gave birth on June 27.

There were reports of a pregnant Class 9 student at a school in the Bhawanathpur area. The girl ended up giving birth to a girl on November 27.

In relation to both cases, police officers investigated the hospital and staff members at both schools.

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