Yasir Hussain speaks about the Quality of Pakistani Dramas

During a talk show, Yasir Hussain gave his opinion on the quality of current Pakistani dramas. His opinions divided viewers.

Yasir Hussain discusses Violence against Women on Pakistani TV f

"Is this what we term as work?"

In a recent guest appearance on a show, Yasir Hussain did not hold back in expressing his opinions about Pakistani dramas.

He talked about the state of the Pakistani entertainment industry, specifically focusing on the quality of local dramas.

Sharing his reservations, Yasir stated: “Our industry is not a commendable one.

“I don’t want my son to join this industry. If he chooses to, it’s his decision, and I won’t stop him.

“However, I don’t envision him as an actor.”

Known for his outspoken nature, the actor went further into questioning the standards of work within the industry.

He asserted: “Is this what we term as work? What kind of work do we have?

“An actor’s role is to act proficiently and gain recognition for their craft.

“We consistently encounter substandard work. TV is saturated with poor-quality content. The so-called ‘hit’ dramas, what makes them good?

“A drama planned for 25 episodes ends up airing for 40. How can it be considered good then?”

When the host pointed out the substantial fan following of Pakistani dramas, Yasir attributed it to a lack of accessible alternatives.

He asked: “Does everyone have Netflix at home?”

Yasir Hussain claimed India’s appreciation for Pakistani content is predominantly driven by the perceived inadequacy of their own dramas.

Yasir said: “Have you seen the kind of dramas India produces?

“Countries with the worst dramas likely watch ours, but others, like Koreans or Iranians, probably don’t.”

While language barriers might limit the cross-border reach of Pakistani dramas, Yasir Hussain disagreed.

He argued: “We watch dramas despite language barriers. In the US and the UK, only the most despondent Pakistanis, seeking Urdu exposure for their children, watch our dramas.”

He dismissed what he termed a ‘bubble’ of people believing the world is captivated by Pakistani dramas.

“It’s a bubble [of people] who think the whole world watches our dramas. Where is the world watching us? Let’s confront the realities.”

Critics quickly took to social media, expressing their opinion on Yasir’s stance.

One said: “He is right, our dramas are pathetic. Only those nations watch our dramas who don’t have good dramas of their own. Like India.”

Another wrote: “I stopped watching Pakistani dramas long ago. Every serial has the same story.

“A love story, protagonists being tortured by in-laws, husband’s love affairs, joint family issues etc.”

One agreed: “He is right. Pakistani dramas are not as good as they used to be.”

However, there were also people who mocked him for degrading his own industry.

One of them said: “We don’t need other people to watch our dramas. We watch them ourselves; they are good enough for us.

“Others cannot understand our cultural contexts like we can so of course they would not enjoy it like we can.”

Another questioned: “But he is also in this industry, so is his wife. Isn’t this hypocrisy?”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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