What does SRK Eat to Help Him Look Good?

Shah Rukh Khan succeeded in bringing down his body fat percentage to flaunt his body in ‘Pathaan’. How did he do it? Let’s find out.

What does SRK Eat to Help Him Look Good? - f

"You should not take a second helping hand."

Shah Rukh Khan is still basking in the success of Pathaan.

Now, a clip of the actor describing his diet is being shared widely on social media.

When the interviewee asked the Om Shanti Om actor about his diet, he immediately said:

“I don’t follow any diet. I eat everything.

“I eat normal food twice a day. I don’t eat anything in between. I eat lunch and dinner.

“I eat basic sprouts, broccoli, grilled chicken, sometimes a little bit of dhal. I keep eating only this always and throughout the year.”

He added: “But if I am on a plane or with friends, I eat whatever is available whether it is biryani, lassi, or ghee.”

This is not the first time SRK has talked about food and his diet.

Earlier, he talked about the importance of ‘Dastarkhwan (tablecloth)’ and the manners of eating.

A video of him shows SRK talking about how we should not always eat fully as it is not good for our health.

The actor also advises his fans to eat while sitting on the ground and putting food on the tablecloth.

SRK believes that eating from a tablecloth can have enormous health benefits.

In the video, he can be heard saying: “Hamaray ko bachpan sai seekhaya gaya tha agar aap kar sakein, ‘Dastarkhwan’ (we have been taught from childhood to use tablecloth).

“I don’t know if you understand what ‘Dastarkhwan is… Zameen par baith kay khatay hai (sitting and eating on the floor).

“So, if you sit down on the floor with your legs turned inwards and eat, one-third of your stomach gets compressed.

“So you never fill it fully but you feel it is full and I think to everyone when you eat your food you need to leave a little space.”

He further said: “Hum kya karte hai, stuff kar letay hai. (What we do, we stuff things).

“So that is one thing I totally believe that you should not take a second helping hand if you can help it.

“You know, you just let little hunger remain. It is always good for health.”

He concluded: “I think I could be completely wrong, I don’t know the physiological, biological reasoning for this but I have this belief that is how you should eat.”

On the work front, he will be next seen in Jawan and then Dunki.

Aarthi is an International Development student and journalist. She likes to write, read books, watch movies, travel, and click pictures. Her motto is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world

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