US Indian Man tells Children he Killed their Mother & Grandmother

A US Indian man living in Pennsylvania killed his wife and mother. He then phoned his children to tell them about the crimes.

US Indian Man tells Children he Killed their Mother & Grandmother f

“I killed your mother and grandmother."

A US Indian man will spend decades in prison for killing his wife and mother at his home in Newtown Township, Pennsylvania.

After the killings in August 2020, Iqbal Singh called his children and said:

“I killed your mother and grandmother.”

Delaware County Common Pleas Court Judge George M Green ordered Singh to serve a sentence of 23 to 60 years in a state correctional facility for the killings of his wife, Jaspal Kaur, and mother, Nasib Kaur.

Singh reached a deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to plead guilty to one count of third-degree murder and one count of aggravated assault causing significant bodily injury with extreme indifference.

The 66-year-old was sentenced to 20 to 40 years on the murder charge and three to 20 years on the assault charge.

In exchange for pleading guilty, prosecutors dropped charges of criminal homicide, first-degree murder, and possession of a weapon with criminal intent.

Police had responded to an emergency call at around 9:45 am on August 23, 2020.

The caller – later identified as Singh – reportedly told the operator that he had just killed his wife and mother.

Upon arriving at the scene, first responders knocked on the front door.

Singh was “covered in blood” when he answered the door. He told them he had committed a double murder.

In a press release, the Newtown Township Police Department said:

“Police asked Singh if there was anyone inside the residence hurt.

“Singh advised officers that he had killed his wife and mother and that they were inside the residence.”

Officers entered the property and found an elderly woman in a first-floor bedroom.

Later identified as Nasib Kaur, officers described her as “obviously deceased” from what appeared to be multiple stab wounds.

Jaspal Kaur’s body was discovered in a bedroom on the second floor. She also appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds.

In addition to the stab wounds, both of the victims’ throats had been slit.

Investigators recovered a knife covered in blood in the kitchen.

In a police interview, Singh’s son said he called his mother and father at around 9 am that morning but got no response.

But when he called the home’s landline, the US Indian man answered the phone and admitted to the killings.

Singh told his son: “I killed both of them.

“I killed your mother and grandmother. Call the police to come get me.”

Police said Singh told an identical story to his daughter.

After the killings, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer said:

“He then talked to his daughter, who was with her brother and told her the same story.

“That’s when law enforcement was contacted, they arrived and they found Mr Singh covered in blood, injured.

“But they also found the two deceased individuals in the home.”

Days later, Singh told investigators that he was suffering from depression and had bipolar disorder, saying he “never” would have harmed his wife or mother if he were well.

First Assistant District Attorney Tanner Rouse said that his office only agreed to such a lenient sentence for the US Indian man because Singh’s children had already lost their mother and grandmother and pleaded with authorities on behalf of their father.

Rouse said: “The heinousness, the gravity of what Mr Singh has done, are such that I would not feel comfortable making an offer such as this but for the pleas of the Singh family.

“The goal of this sentence is to offer them the glimmer of hope that they asked for, that one day, maybe, they will see their father outside of a jail cell.

“But if that is to occur, that it will occur that Mr Singh is in such a way that he will be unable to inflict anything approaching this level of harm ever again.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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