Scarlet Bindi offers Luxury Designer Fashion

A new South Asian fashion website has launched offering bespoke wear for British Asian women. In an exclusive Gupshup with DESIblitz, we spoke to founders Neha Oberoi and Snigdha Reddy about the origins of Scarlet Bindi.

Scarlet Bindi

"The Scarlet Bindi woman is one who wants to stand out and embrace her own individual style."

Scarlet Bindi is a high-end on-line South Asian fashion boutique offering stunning couture pieces that wouldn’t go amiss in the Bollywood world – all for fashionable and professional women.

The boutique itself has been founded by UK fashion bloggers Neha Oberoi and Snigdha Reddy. Both are described as ‘fashion-savvy entrepreneurs’ with a flair for fashion and a deep passion for quality.

DESIblitz finds out more from these young web entrepreneurs to understand what’s behind their business and what makes them unique.

The exclusive on-line boutique offers instant styles and trends straight from the designer runway to your doorstep. So, how does Scarlet Bindi deal with the trends?

Scarlet Bindi Directors

Talking to DESIblitz, Neha mentions that with trends changing at such a rapid pace, by the time new Eastern couture arrives in UK stores, they are already old news.

With an on-line boutique at their fingertips, British Asian women don’t have to wait for new trends, and can buy them instantly instead.

The idea is definitely an inspired one, and shows how well in-tune Neha and Snigdha are with the needs of Asian women living overseas. Telling us more about the market they say:

“The South Asian fashion market is growing rapidly. With 7 per cent (4 million) of the population in the UK being South Asian, there is a strong demand for up-to-date fashionable clothing. Fashion shows from India and Pakistan are easily accessible via the internet, and what is seen on the runway is wanted immediately by consumers.”

With Internet shopping becoming increasingly popular among Asian men and women, the number of on-line Asian boutiques has boomed; so what is it that makes Scarlet Bindi stand out from the rest?

Scarlet Bindi

“Along with being based in the UK, what makes us different is that we ourselves are the target market. We know from our own experience what women want – quality, fit, style, look and the reliability of the service.

“We want that trust, which can be very difficult especially when purchasing high-end items from an on-line boutique. We have a strong quality control process and ensure that customer service is the most important,” they tell us.

“We also feature next-generation designers who have a modern take on fashion. You’ll always find something different on Scarlet Bindi.”

With Neha and Snigdha having a clear vision about the needs of British Asian women, the designers they choose are also essential:

Scarlet Bindi

“We are very particular about who is featured on Scarlet Bindi. The criteria that we look at include aesthetic appeal, originality and quality. We also try to work with new designers who tend to have a different and unique slant in their designs,” they insist.

Designers currently include Abdul Halder, Neha Khullar, ANJALISHARMA for French Curve collection, Bubber Couture, The Little Black Bow, Karieshma Sarnaa and many more.

The website itself is fresh, easily accessible and a joy to use. As our team found, customers can choose from a range of styles while also having the option to design their own outfits and have them exclusively made by the Scarlet Bindi team – ideal for brides-to-be or special events:

“Scarlet Bindi woman is one who wants to stand out and embrace her own individual style. Along with Scarlet Bindi, we also offer a Scarlet Bindi Trousseau service where we personally work with women who have a specific design in mind that they aren’t able to find off the rack.”

Once an outfit has been ordered, delivery typically ranges from 3 to 6 weeks: “We guarantee full support to give our clients complete peace of mind. Our clients have consistently commented on our fast, reliable service and the outstanding quality of the clothes,” add the duo.

Scarlet Bindi

With such a tasteful and elegant collection of Eastern pieces on their website, it is clear that Neha and Snigdha know a thing or two about fashion. What they have managed to capture is a perfect balance between the East and the West – sourcing only those clothes which truly represent the ‘British Asian woman’. As Neha explains:

“Living in the UK we of course tend to regularly dress in Western clothing, but we always try to add a bit of a South Asian flare. We love a silk and zardozi clutch to go with our jeans and heels. Or a sari blouse used as a crop top! We also love that a silk kurti can be worn as a dress in the summer.

Scarlet Bindi“On the flip side, when we dress in a sari or suit, we love to add a Western touch with a chunky geometric necklace or a belted waist on a sari.”

What do Neha and Snigdha predict for the market’s future? “In five years we see the South Asian fashion market expanding throughout the UK,” they say.

“We predict that there will be several new British Asian designers coming into the market, as well as designers from the subcontinent opening their own boutiques to fulfil the growing demand. We also see South Asian fashion continuing to be easily accessible through Scarlet Bindi.”

Scarlet Bindi is a charismatic on-line boutique for all your elegant party and bridal needs. With a collection growing almost every week, from high-end lehengas, saris, jewellery and accessories, you can visit the Scarlet Bindi website to find your perfect on-trend Desi outfit right now.

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