Salman reprimands Manya Singh for Mocking Sreejita

On ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Salman Khan was not happy with Manya Singh after the latter mocked Sreejita De, calling her “just a TV actor”.

Salman reprimands Manya Singh for Mocking Sreejita f

"I was the ambassador of this country. What are you? TV actress?"

In the first weekend episode of Bigg Boss 16, Manya Singh was called out by Salman Khan for arrogantly mocking Sreejita De.

The Miss India 2020 runner-up has made several controversial comments on the show.

Manya got into an argument with Sumbul Touqeer Khan before claiming that the Imlie actress’ bond with Shalin Bhanot was “fake”.

Manya said: “Everyone wants to be like Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla, but they were real.

“Their emotions were real. They were ready to even die for each other.

“Why do these contestants forget that only one person wins the trophy at the end of the day?”

She also quarrelled with Sreejita, downplaying the latter’s acting work while also praising herself.

Her comments will now come back to haunt her as a promo video sees Salman reprimand her for her attitude, pointing out how she looks down on her fellow contestants.

In the clip, Manya and Sreejita are seen arguing over an unknown issue.

She then shouts across the room, telling Sreejita:

“I was the ambassador of this country. What are you? TV actress? Shaitan (evil).”

Salman watches the matter unfold with a stern look on his face.

When Manya makes the condescending comment, Salman puts his face in his hand.

Addressing her behaviour, Salman says:

“According to Manya, she is the best and others are junk.”

The teaser ends with a glimpse of Manya’s reaction, suggesting that things will become even more heated.


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Manya Singh’s comment also did not go well with Arjun Bijlani, who tweeted:

“I’m sick of people passing comments like Yeh toh TV actress hai and or yeh toh TV actor hai… And the funniest is they use the platform of TV and pass such comments.

“Don’t come on television if you have such a big problem. TV big hai tha aur rahega.”

Prior to entering Bigg Boss 16, Manya Singh admitted that she was going on the show for money and fame.

She said:

“I really want to earn a lot of money, that’s the prime reason for taking up the show.”

“Other than that, I want people to recognise me.

“Priyanka Chopra is also a Miss India but people know her for who she is, not just in India but globally. That’s what I want.”

She also said that she withdrew herself from Miss India training.

Manya explained: “I want to get into acting. And that is all about exploring ourselves.

“This is why I pulled out of the training as I didn’t want to be projected as just a prim and proper person.

“Also, since I know people have liked me in real life, I am not scared to be under the spotlight 24×7 on the show.

“Given it’s a reality show, I am actually looking forward to being myself on the show.”

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