Salman Khan scolds Sumbul for ‘Weak Game’

On Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan scolded Sumbul Touqeer Khan for not giving her best on the show, despite her previous claims.

Salman Khan scolds Sumbul for 'Weak Game' f

"The Sumbul in BB is not the Sumbul we know."

Salman Khan has noticed Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s alleged lack of effort on Bigg Boss 16 and called her out for it.

In a promo video for an upcoming episode, Salman criticised the young actress for not giving her best inside the house.

Salman asks a disappointed-looking Sumbul what has she done in the house so far, pointing out her previous claims that she has a strong personality.

In the video, an angry Salman asks:

“What have you done in this house? You made tall claims here that you are very strong.

“You are not even visible in this house. You don’t even listen to your parents.”

Salman then says he wants to demonstrate how much visibility Sumbul gets on the show, telling her to get up from the sofa and move back.

She continues to move back until she is out of the room and out of the frame.

Salman adds: “This is how far you are.”

Many viewers believed that Salman’s criticism of Sumbul was justified.

One posted on social media:

“Sumbul indeed need to hear from Salman to get her senses back. The Sumbul in BB is not the Sumbul we know.

“Sumbul is understanding all the housemates and is suppressing her anger like a pressure cooker which needs to explode now!!”

Others felt Salman was right in mentioning her parents.

Two weeks ago, Sumbul’s father appeared on the show and scolded her for not realised that she was “being used” by some of the housemates.

However, some defended Sumbul, stating Salman was being too harsh.

One said: “They are not giving her proper tasks. It is not her fault.”

Another wrote: “Salman is too harsh. Sumbul is improving.”

However, one aspect of the video angered viewers as a woman danced across the stage, seemingly mocking Sumbul’s personality as she is sometimes seen jumping around and dancing in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

One user wrote: “This is actually very disturbing. What are they trying to do? This is very demeaning!!

“Bash for the right reasons if you have the guts to do so!

“Bad-mouthing people, talking rubbish behind their backs, mocking and dirty gestures are to be questioned!”

Another commented: “What is this, what are they trying to impose with that dancer on the stage.

“It’s too much and wrong. This is a disgusting thing and mocking someone just because she is being herself. More power to you girl.”

A third said: “I am just speechless. They brought a random girl on stage to show how she dances around the house.”

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