Sajal Aly speaks out against Child Labour

Sajal Aly has sent out a heartfelt request to protect children from being forced to perform labour and to stop torturing them.

Sajal Aly speaks out against Child Labour - f

"Let’s all be part of their solution. Please."

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly has come forward to plead for the protection of children who are forced into child labour, often leading to their harsh treatment.

Taking to Instagram, Sajal Aly posted an emotional video in which she said:

“For the love of God, please stop torturing small children and making them work or perform labour.

“It is wrong. Child labour is wrong. It is illegal.

“It is actually punishable under the Child Protection Laws. This is against the law.

“If any of you witness a young child working in someone’s house and see them getting tortured, report them immediately.

“This is not their age to be doing labour. This is their age to be studying, playing.”

Actress Nadia Jamil reposted the video on her own Instagram page and thanked Sajal for speaking out.

Nadia posted: “I want to thank the amazing Sajal Aly for being the only celebrity I reached out to, to make this video for the Children of Pakistan, asking us to speak out against Child Domestic Labour.

“If we all make a video like this and post it on our social media, what a powerful statement it would be.”

Nadia Jamil also highlighted the subject on Twitter. She stated:

“The problem is we often don’t know a child is being kept as a servant/slave in a house, so there is no way to know if the child is ok, are they providing him/her with an education?

“You and [I] both know the truth. Often these tiny children are made to carry rich babies, clean rich people’s homes and serve them.

“They are beaten, starved, and deprived of an education! An education is their constitutional right and their religious right.

“Let’s all be part of their solution. Please.

“Please speak up and report people who are making children work for them.”

The outburst comes days after the wife of Judge Asim Hafeez was indicted for torturing a 14-year-old domestic house help.

The family of the victim has since made a complaint about the abuse, but the employers have denied all allegations.

The parents of the child claim they had not met their daughter for several months, but occasionally spoke to her on the phone.

When Judge Asim Hafeez was asked about the plight of the child, he denied knowing about the abuse she suffered and stated he was against child abuse.

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