Saif Ali Khan invites Paparazzi into his Bedroom

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were spotted entering their apartment building after Malaika Arora’s mother Joyce’s 70th birthday party.

Saif Ali Khan invites Paparazzi into his Bedroom - f

"He doesn’t like too much fuss..."

Saif Ali Khan seemed a bit irritated by the photographers following him and his wife Kareena Kapoor on the night of March 2, 2023.

The couple was caught outside their home late at night after returning from the birthday party of Malaika Arora’s mother.

As the paparazzi shouted Saif and Kareena’s names, the actor made a remark.

Saif was dressed in a black kurta and white pyjamas while Kareena was in a short black dress.

As the paparazzi screamed ‘Sir, sir! rukiye na’ for pictures outside his home, Saif said:

“Aisa kariye aap humare bedroom mein aa jaiye (Do one thing, come to our bedroom).”

To this, a few photographers said: “Nahi, nahi (no, no).”

Saif then waved good night to the paparazzi and shut the lobby door behind him.

Saif and Kareena’s kids get a lot of attention from the paparazzi too.

In an interview, Saif Ali Khan said that his older son Taimur doesn’t like being clicked.

He said: “Yes, he has told me! He’s like, ‘No picture!’ And he starts frowning.

“He doesn’t like too much fuss… I’d be the happiest guy if he were just an anonymous, normal kid.”

Saif in the past has said that even though he disapproves of paparazzi lurking outside his house, he feels it would be wrong to deprive someone of their job.

In 2019 after an altercation, Saif Ali Khan said: “Yes, the cops cleared the paparazzi because someone complained. Not me.

“I can’t say I feel kindly about their presence, because 10 people lounging about outside your house waiting for a shot of your kid is disturbing, to say the least.

“I didn’t complain because I don’t want to deprive anyone of a job.”

“Please don’t stalk Taimur. He is not a star. He is just a child.”

Recently, Alia Bhatt took to Instagram to show her anger at the ‘invasion of privacy’ after a few photographers clicked her pictures while she was inside her house.

The actor also tagged the Mumbai Police in her post which read:

“Are you kidding me? I was at my house, having a perfectly normal afternoon, sitting in my living room when I felt something watching over me.

“I looked up and saw two men on the terrace of the neighbouring building with a camera right at me.

“In what world is this okay and is this allowed? This is a gross invasion of someone’s privacy…”

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