Prachi Desai reveals she refused Big Films that were Sexist

Prachi Desai has opened up on her gaps in her career, revealing that she refused big films that were sexist.

Prachi Desai reveals she refused Big Films that were Sexist f

"All that people wanted me to be was 'hot'."

Prachi Desai has explained that there have been gaps in her career due to refusing sexist films.

The actress has been in several films and TV shows, but after 2016, she rarely appeared on-screen.

She has now revealed that she refused to take on several films.

Prachi explained: “There are various reasons I was not exactly on the radar. I didn’t realise where time flew; it passed by quickly.

“When I look back, I realise how big the gap has been.

“I have never wanted to work in films that are sexist. And in this industry, I have fought with this notion for a long time.

“All that people wanted me to be was ‘hot’.

“How does a woman only get defined by that?

“Why is it that everyone wants to change a woman’s imagery, regardless of who or how she is?

“The feedback I got from several male producers and directors was that I had to work on being hot.

“So, I picked less work and I chose to stay away. I said no to some big, but very sexist films.”

Prachi revealed that several directors approached her for roles, but she felt disrespected by them. She elaborated:

“There were some prominent directors who approached me, but I felt disrespected by them.

“It felt like they were doing me a favour by giving me a role in their film.

“The problem is that they were not used to someone saying no in the absence of a narration or a script.

“On many occasions, I would go all the way to meet the filmmakers, but they would not want to tell me what they had in mind for me.

“Neither would they share a script, nor would they narrate the story.

“It’s like me going for a look-test but refusing to show my face. I could not possibly give the nod to a film like that.

“I dealt with this for two years before deciding to not put up with it anymore.”

“The notion that others developed was that I was not interested. Word spread, and some people merely on hearsay didn’t approach me.

“I recently did a movie for the web. I got a brief on the phone, and then, a screenplay was shared and I liked what I read. I loved the role and it was done.”

Prachi Desai has now made a comeback, appearing in films on OTT platforms.

“This is a brand new start for me. Today, an actor is loved regardless of the platform and the role. I feel that I have a chance to step in and make the most of it.

“Thanks to the digital space, people don’t hold that one character or movie against you for two years, something that happens with theatrical films often.

“For me, this phase in my career is that of experiments and a fresh start.

“Experimenting is the only game plan I have now.”

Prachi Desai had previously revealed that a director once asked her to perform sexual favours in return for a role in a “big film”.

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