Pakistani Girl aged 14 Sold by Father to Blind Man for Rs 30,000

In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl from Hyderabad was sold by her father to a blind man for Rs. 30,000 (£150).

Pakistani Girl aged 14 Sold by Father to Blind Man for Rs 30,000 f

the girl was sold and the wedding was set to take place

A 14-year-old Pakistani girl was sold by her own father for Rs. 30,000 (£150). He sold his daughter to a blind man who had planned to marry her.

The incident happened in the city of Hyderabad, Sindh.

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, police prevented the upcoming child marriage from taking place as they recovered the young girl.

Meanwhile, her father and the man who intended to tie the knot with her were arrested.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Zahida Parveen, Laal Bakhsh Jamali had promised to sell his daughter to the blind man when she was 11.

They agreed to a sum of Rs. 20,000 (£100), which was paid but the girl was not sold. Several years later, the blind man contacted Jamali and expressed his intention to marry her.

After receiving another Rs. 10,000 (£50), the girl was sold and the wedding was set to take place on November 30, 2019.

However, officers received a tip-off about the impending marriage between Ashiq Jamali and the Pakistani girl.

They subsequently raided the blind man’s house and rescued the young girl. Meanwhile, Ashiq was arrested.

He explained that her father had sold his daughter to him, which resulted in Laal Bakhsh also being arrested.

An FIR was registered against the father for selling his teenage daughter.

ASP Parveen added that a case was also filed against Ashiq for buying the girl for marriage.

Geo reported that following their arrests, the girl was taken into custody under the child protection unit of Hyderabad.

Cases of people selling their own relatives are becoming an increasing trend in both Pakistan and India.

A father from Uttar Pradesh in India sold his daughter for Rs. 10,000 only to be gang-raped by her ‘owner’ and his friends.

Following her husband’s death, her father decided to sell her to a man who had taken loans from several people. He forced the woman to work as domestic help for those people without paying her.

It was reported that she was raped at the houses by the man and his friends.

The woman explained her ordeal to the officers. However, after they allegedly refused to help, she attempted suicide by setting herself on fire.

The incident caught the attention of Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal who urged ministers to take action following a lack of action by the police.

Officers hit back at Ms Maliwal’s claims, saying that senior officials did not turn her away and said that an investigation was being conducted.

An FIR was registered against fourteen men for the alleged rape but no arrests had been made.

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