NRI Helped with COVID-19 Mental Health Issues after Tweet

A Non-Residential Indian sent out a Tweet explaining that he started developing mental health issues due to COVID-19. He ended up receiving help.

NRI Helped with COVID-19 Mental Health Issues after Tweet f

"I have started to get mental health issues"

A young man revealed that the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has led to him developing mental health issues.

The Non-Residential Indian had been living in the Nakodar area of Jalandhar, however, he and his family live in Dubai.

Harsimran Singh lived there as he was a student at CT Group of Institutions.

However, due to COVID-19, flights have been suspended, meaning that he is unable to return to his family.

As a result, the issue has taken a toll on him mentally.

It became more significant when the curfew prevented Harsimran from being able to see his aunt, who lives in the area.

This prompted the young man to take to Twitter and seek help from the Punjab government and the district administration.

He wrote: “Sir I’m a student living alone in a village of Nakodar Tehsil (10km away).

“Due to the ongoing situation, I have started to get mental health issues and have no immediate family here in India.”

After revealing his loneliness and his subsequent mental health issues, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh, responded.

He told him that they will help him. The matter was immediately transferred to the Jalandhar District Administration.

Chief Minister Singh wrote: “Please don’t worry, we are along with you in the need of this hour.

“District Public Relations Office Jalandhar, kindly look into this matter on urgent basis.”

Shortly after the response, the deputy commissioner and SSP arrived at the scene. They were accompanied by a team of doctors.

After conducting a medical checkup, the administration gave Harsimran permission to stay with his aunt in Nakodar.

Following the kind gesture, Harsimran thanked the Chief Minister and the District Administration for their help.

This case highlights that Coronavirus can have an impact on mental health as well as physical.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many countries have been left with no choice but to implement lockdowns in a bid to reduce the spread of it.

As families have been in lockdown, issues are beginning to rise and the pressure is increasing.

Even though staying at home and not doing anything sounds glorious, it still comes with its issues and drama.

These problems arise due to various reasons and are most definitely issues in many South Asian households.

While people may experience loneliness, others may feel a strain in their relationships. People, especially the self-employed, are also struggling with businesses.

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