Monsoon Make-Up Trends

Monsoon season is a great time to update your skincare and make-up routine. DESIblitz takes you through some monsoon make-up trends to make sure you can continue looking glamorous even in the summer heat and humidity.

Maintaining a flawless look can be tricky with the weather being up to its mischievous best.

Monsoon is that time of the year when you let loose, rev up your senses and sing a new song. Nature smiles down upon you with lush greens and vibrant tones making your heart soar, splash and pour out like the rain.

This is the time to embrace nature by donning an equally charming look. However, maintaining a flawless look can be tricky with the weather being up to its mischievous best.

DESIblitz brings to you a few useful tips which will help you look sumptuous throughout the day without damaging your skin.

Let’s start with the basics. It is important to follow a strict skin care regime to avoid oiliness and excessive sweating.

Monsoon Make-up

The essential thing to remember during the monsoon season is to protect the skin from the effects of the humidity that accompanies it. Humidity causes the skin to sweat profusely.

The moisture laden air does not dry up the sweat easily because it has enough moisture of its own. Sweat contains the body toxins that need to be removed from the skin. Along with the sweat comes the natural oil onto the skin.

Both the sweat and the oil, along with the body temperature become a potential breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections.

According to renowned Cosmetologist Parbeen Puri, owner Osadhi Skin Products, skin care regime in monsoons should include:

  • Cleansing: “Clean the skin with a light non-soapy, non- greasy, preferably gel based cleanser. Soapy cleansers may leave unhealthy deposits on the skin which do not get completely removed.”
  • Toning: “Tone the skin with a non-alcoholic based freshener/astringent toner. A peppermint based toner would effectively remove any bacteria, freshen up the skin and temporarily close the pores giving respite from the discomfort that accompanies sweating. One can use this from time to time throughout the day to clean and freshen up the skin.”
  • Moisturising: “Moisturising should be light because the moisture laden air in the environment is not going to dry up the skin (it’s going to moisten it). Use a gel based hydrating moisturiser after toning. Dry skins can use a moisturiser formulated for normal skins if going outdoors. Otherwise, follow their normal routine.”
  • Sunscreen: “Use a mineral based sunscreen that is light and non-greasy. A tinted powder based product can be used by balanced to oily skins and a tinted cream/lotion based product can be used by balanced to dry skins.”

Natural MakeupMonsoon is the season for minimalistic make-up. More and more Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are opting for this trend as it makes you look naturally beautiful. Rain and humidity can mean make-up gets messy and melts.

Thus light make-up to highlight your strong features is a good idea. A few ‘must-follow’ guidelines for monsoon make-up are:

  • Moisturiser

Keep your skin moisturised by using very little moisturiser and spreading it out evenly on your face. Use a waterproof foundation with a matte finish and do not forget to powder it.

You could also use a primer before using the foundation. This will help the makeup last longer and give you a clean-dewy look.

You can add to your look and avoid looking too pale by using a bronzer which is darker than the colour of your skin. Don’t forget that all products must be used in small amounts and spread evenly across your face.

  • Eye Shadow

Powder based eye shadows are a strict no-no in this weather since it tends to run over and spill.

Use cream based shadows in earthy and basic tones such as beiges, light browns, lilac, and pink. This brightens up your eyes and leaves them looking fresh and vivacious.

  • BlushMonsoon Make-up

Use cream blush during monsoons. These will not run over on the face in the monsoon season.

  • Eye Liner

If you want to make your eyes pop, use liquid waterproof eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners are recommended as against gel based ones. A light layer of waterproof mascara can go a long way in enhancing the volume of your lashes. Stay away from kohl as it runs in a jiffy during a downpour.

  • Matte Colour

Another trend which is very ‘in’ this season in B-town is matte colours. Use no-transfer or kiss-proof lipsticks before leaving the house. Use bright shades orange, tangerine, red, fuchsia, and coral among others. Lighter shades make you look younger and add freshness to your face.

  • Make-up Fixer

Last but not the least, use a fixer spray after completing the make-up to keep it in place.

Anu Kashik, freelance celebrity make-up artist, says:

“Monsoon make-up is all about clear skin and pop colors for coming season. Humidity can spoil layers on skin so keep it minimal.

“I recommend ‘bb’ creams which are all in one for skin, followed by pop lip colour or wash of pop eye shadow/colored mascara or an aqua blue liner on eyelids. However, be careful to highlight one feature at a time – use colour either on eyes or on lips,” Anu adds.

Follow these tips and tricks to look fabulous this monsoon season and rock the rainy season with bright colours.

Use colours judiciously for a magnificent yet effortless look which leaves your company in awe. And don’t forget to cleanse tone and moisturise your skin regularly for that healthy glow. Happy Monsoon!

Ashima is a tutor in Fashion and Media Make-Up at Pearl Academy and works as a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist. She is in constant search for more knowledge to grow as an individual. Her motto: “Think big and dream bigger.”

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