Marina Khan & Sania Saeed collaborate on Animal Abuse Film

Marina Khan and Sania Saeed are set to collaborate on a short film focusing on animal abuse, the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Marina Khan & Sania Saeed collaborate on Animal Abuse Film f

"it’s so pivotal to everything else."

Marina Khan and Sania Saeed have come together for the short film Aisa Hee Hota Hai, which will be Pakistan’s first film on animal abuse.

Pakistan’s largest animal rescue organisation, the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF), announced the news.

Said to be five minutes, the short film has been written by animal rights activist Ayesha Chundrigar.

In an interview, Ayesha said the film will focus on highlighting that animal abuse is an issue that binds with more issues in society.

It is described as a “film about animals, but at the same time, it’s not about animals, it’s so much more”.

The film has been made with no budget in mind but money will be spent on necessary equipment such as cameras and petrol.

Ayesha revealed: “I am a psychotherapist by profession and what is very interesting for me, especially in my line of work with animals, is that I have to deal with human behaviour of all sorts.

“I meet some of the best people, the kindest people, but then I also meet the worst kind of people that abuse those who are more vulnerable than them, who exploit them and treat them very badly.”

Speaking fondly of the film, Ayesha Chundrigar stated it was created purely due to her interest in the connection between animal abuse and everything else that could potentially happen in society.

She continued: “We normally see animals and animal abuse as totally separate from issues in society.

“But what I find fascinating is how animal abuse is linked so deeply to every other issue in society, we just have a blind spot to it.

“But it’s so necessary to look at it because it’s so pivotal to everything else.

“So I thought it’s finally time to address it through the most powerful medium, which is a film because it can reach all sorts of patents on social media and can have a really wide range.”

Sania Saeed – who frequently helps with animal rescue operations – will play a major role in the short film.

Speaking about Sania’s zeal for her project, Ayesha revealed that it was Sania who first reached out.

She said: “I shared this idea with Sania because she’s the most amazing human who comes to the shelter all the time to help us with our rescues, with rehabilitating, and grooming animals there.

“She’s come with us to places like Empress Market to spread awareness.

“She is truly one of my top five most favourite people in the world.

“She’s so deep, incredible and empathic.”

“When I told her about the idea, she immediately came on board and also wrote all the dialogue because I wrote it in English, she translated it into Urdu.”

Speaking about Marina Khan, Ayesha said:

“Marina herself is amazing. She has visited us several times and has even adopted a paralysed puppy from us who has grown to become this naughty little cartoon who lives with her.

“And Marina is the biggest animal lover and an inspiring woman, I was lucky to be in her and Sania’s presence and working and learning with them.”

The trio are said to have come together naturally, and after a few meetings, the project came to life.

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