Mahira Khan gets Celebrity Support after Firdous Jamal remarks

Actress Mahira Khan received a wave of celebrity support after veteran actor Firdous Jamal made a series of remarks towards her.

Mahira Khan gets Celebrity Support after Firdous Jamal remarks f

"That's not the age to play the role of a heroine."

After veteran actor Firdous Jamal made some controversial comments about Mahira Khan, celebrities rushed to her support.

Jamal had appeared on Faysal Quraishi’s morning show where he suggested that the famous actress should no longer take up leading roles.

His remarks prompted celebrities from the Pakistani film and TV industry to come out in support of Mahira.

Stars such as Mawra Hocane took to social media to express their anger over Jamal’s thoughts towards the actress.

Mawra wrote: “Taking a dig at the biggest name of your country makes you as small as it gets. Disrespectful remarks in the garb of opinions need to stop.”

“Hope the two minutes of fame were worth it. Mahira works extremely hard to be where she is, it’s not easy. So proud of you my M.”

Prior to the comments, Firdous said they should be taken positively as he does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. He then said:

“Mahira Khan is a mediocre model, she is not a good actress and not a heroine.

“She has aged as well. That’s not the age to play the role of a heroine.”

Mawra was not the only celebrity to come to Mahira’s aid. Osman Khalid Butt spoke about the comments when he got into a Twitter spat with a user who stated that mentioning an actor’s age is not sexist or misogynistic.

Osman stated:

“Dismissively claiming actresses have a shelf-life, that they should stop acting as leads and appear as mothers is not the same as ‘mentioning their age’.

“I’ll stay in my lane when you delete your account and your existence.”

Jamal’s comments about Mahira’s age led to Humayun Saeed commenting in defence of the actress. He wrote:

“It is her dedication and passion towards her work that has led her to this position.

“She is a heroine and a star in every sense of these words. As far as age is concerned, an actor and their talent is not bound by it.”

The Tribune reported that cricket agent Kalim Khan expressed his dismay at the comments and was also unhappy with Faisal for not defending Mahira.

He said:

“What a cheap shot from Firdous Jamal – least expected. Mahira Khan is one of our finest actresses.”

“None of the description Firdous Jamal gave of Mahira is correct. Expected Faysal Quraishi to defend her!!”

This prompted the host to come out and say that he was “shocked” at the comments.

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