Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to Marry Conman?

According to reports, Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to marry conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar, despite warnings from her acting colleagues.

Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to Marry Conman f

"She was advised by her co-stars to be wary of Sukesh"

According to reports, Jacqueline Fernandez planned to marry conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police had questioned the actress for eight hours in connection with the Rs. 200 Crore extortion case.

Jacqueline is named as an accused. It is claimed that she received gifts from the money Chandrasekhar illegally acquired.

It has been heavily reported that Jacqueline and Chandrasekhar were in a relationship, with several pictures of the pair circulating on social media.

It is now believed that Jacqueline was so influenced by Chandrasekhar, that she remained in touch with him after his crimes were exposed.

EOW Special Commissioner of Police Ravinder Yadav said:

“There is more trouble for Jacqueline Fernandez as she did not cut ties with Sukesh Chandrasekhar even after knowing his criminal antecedents.

“But Nora Fatehi did disconnect herself once she suspected that something is fishy.”

It was reported that the likes of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar warned her to stay away from Chandrasekhar but she ignored them.

An official said: “She was advised by her co-stars to be wary of Sukesh but she continued meeting him and accepting expensive gifts like cars and pedigree pets.”

According to reports, Jacqueline would call Chandrasekhar the “man of her dreams” and even thought about marrying him.

Jacqueline told police that she did not know Chandrasekhar was married.

She said she was told that he was in a live-in relationship with Leena Marie Paul.

During questioning, Jacqueline was made to sit face to face with Pinky Irani, however, both accused each other of hiding the truth.

Pinky Irani told officers that she delivered a diamond ring to Jacqueline, which had the initials J and S inscribed.

Reacting to the Enforcement Directorate, Jacqueline filed a plea before the Appellate Authority of PMLA where she stated:

“Just because she is (a) recipient of certain gifts which were forced on her for forming a connect, can’t be used to ignore the fact which the record otherwise clearly shows that she was conned by Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

“The approach of ED, unfortunately, seems to be highly mechanical and motivated, hence, blinded towards the fact that respondent (Jacqueline) has lost more than what can be measured in money.

“What is surprising is that like the respondent (Jacqueline), some other celebrities, notably Nora Fatehi were also conned by Chandrasekhar and Fatehi and other such celebrities who received gifts from the accused, are made witnesses whereas she is sought to be dragged as an accused.

“This clearly shows a malafide, motivated and biased approach on the part of investigation authority which cannot be ignored.”

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