Is Zayn dating Selena Gomez?

Zayn and Selena Gomez sparked dating rumours after the pair were reportedly spotted kissing during a dinner outing in New York City.

Is Zayn dating Selena Gomez f

"it was clear that it was a date.”

Speculation has arisen that Zayn and Selena Gomez are dating.

Rumours first sparked when TikTok user Klarissa Garcia explained that her friend is a hostess at a celebrity hotspot in New York City.

She shared text screenshots where the friend claimed she saw Zayn and the American singer enter the restaurant holding hands.

The message read: “Tell me how Selena Gomez and Zayn just walked into [restaurant] hand in hand making out and I seated them.”

Klarissa was stunned to hear the news, prompting a response from her friend:

“Girl. Everyone’s out here feeling bad for Selena. Meanwhile, she’s with Gigi’s baby daddy.”

Klarissa went on to reveal that both stars have recently started following each other on Instagram.


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Rumours were further fuelled when an eyewitness said they saw Zayn and Selena were spotted kissing during a dinner date.

The source told Entertainment Tonight:

“Selena and Zayn went out in SoHo in New York City last night at around 10:30 pm.

“They walked in holding hands and were kissing.

“Most restaurant staff and restaurantgoers didn’t notice them. It seemed like they were comfortable together and it was clear that it was a date.”

Although both stars have not spoken about the matter, the internet was sent into a frenzy.

Some people praised the pairing and likened it to something from their teenage days.

One fan tweeted: “I’m here for this.”

Another excited user wrote: “I have been manifesting this since 2016.”

A third wrote: “I need this to be true.”

But some people were torn about the potential relationship, considering both Zayn and Selena Gomez’s respective dating histories.

In 2017, Selena dated singer The Weeknd for 10 months, following his breakup with model Bella Hadid.

Meanwhile, Zayn had been in an on/off relationship with Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid for nearly six years. The pair welcomed a daughter named Khai in September 2020.

They ultimately ended their relationship for good in October 2021.

Referencing Taylor Swift’s long-running friendship with both Selena and Gigi, one wrote:

“Taylor’s next friends dinner gonna be INTENSE.”

Another user wrote: “Idk why y’all want Selena and Zayn to happen. Like Selena and Gigi haven’t been friends for nearly a decade.”

Meanwhile, others were sceptical, urging for photographic evidence of the two stars together.

One said: “I don’t believe it until I see a picture of them.”

Another wrote: “Okay, I don’t believe this but it’s crazy he only follows Selena and not even Gigi.”

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