Indian Groom breastfed by Mother on Wedding Day

In a disturbing video on social media, an Indian man was seen being breastfed by his mother on his wedding day.

Indian Groom breastfed by Mother on Wedding Day f

"some things are not for sharing"

A shocking video circulating online shows an Indian groom being breastfed by his mother on his wedding day.

In the video, the man, seen dressed in his wedding attire, is with his mother.

Meanwhile, they are surrounded by guests.

The mother is seen lifting her blouse up and easing her son’s head forward.

The groom obliges and proceeds to be breastfed. As he does so, one of the guests holds his turban in place.

His mother looks at the camera and briefly smiles.

The young man then stops what he is doing and also looks at the camera.

Although the wedding guests did not seem fazed by what transpired, social media users had a different opinion.

Many were shocked by the video and took to the comments section to voice their opinion.

One said: “Why is he getting married? The mum is so proud as well… wth have I watched!”

Another commented: “What did I just see.”

A third wrote: “Bloody hell!! This kind of thing should be kept out of sight, some things are not for sharing if you know what I mean!!”

Others decided to troll the groom, with one user posting:

“Mama’s boy taken to a whole new level.”

However, some posted crude messages in relation to the man’s wedding night.

One said: “Bro getting his last-minute practice in just before the big night.”

Watch Video. Warning – Disturbing Footage

Although the video has unsurprisingly shocked viewers, research has found that being breastfed is a sexual fetish for some Indian men.

In the past, various analyses of India’s Google search data have revealed that queries related to breastfeeding adults are very popular in the country.

There are a lot of Indian Google searches that include “my husband wants me to breastfeed him”.

Google data from 2017 showed that the number of searches on how to breastfeed a baby was almost equal to the number of searches on how to breastfeed an adult man.

Pallavi Barnwal, a sexuality coach based in New Delhi, told VICE:

“Adult breastfeeding (ABF) can mean many things – be it just watching a woman breastfeeding, actually suckling the lactating breasts and deriving sexual pleasure out of that (termed as ‘lactophilia’), or simply having sex with a lactating woman.

“It can also be seen from a BDSM umbrella where I can command the other person to feed me or vice versa.”

But it is a fetish that no one talks about as it is considered a “freak” thing.

Sex educator Tonya Jone Miller said:

“It’s a perfect storm of a fetish because it combines two things that make us, as a society, very uncomfortable.

“First, there’s the idea that a man shouldn’t be dependent on a woman, that he shouldn’t be vulnerable and a woman shouldn’t be stronger than him.

“Second, it’s the idea of a woman sexualising the thing that’s thought of as the most sacred thing about her body and her femininity.”

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