Indian Filmmaker says make ‘Rape without Violence’ Legal

An Indian filmmaker has caused controversy after he posted a Facebook message, suggesting that rape without violence should be legalised.

Indian Filmmaker says make 'Rape without Violence' Legal f

"The government should encourage and legalise rape"

Indian filmmaker Daniel Shravan has controversially claimed that rape without violence should be legalised and that women should “cooperate” during sex attacks.

His comments came after the horrific sexual assault and murder of Dr Priyanka Reddy in Telangana.

Shravan, who works in the Telugu film industry, suggested that women should carry condoms with them in order to avoid rape.

He also claimed that it could save women from being killed afterwards.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “Rape is not a serious thing but, murder is inexcusable.”

Shravan went on to say that by legalising rape without violence, it would reduce the number of deaths after sexual assault.

Indian Filmmaker says make 'Rape without Violence' Legal - fb

He also took to Instagram to share his controversial views.

The Indian filmmaker ranted: “The government should encourage and legalise rape without violence.

“Girls above 18 should be educated on rapes and not deny the sexual desires of men.

“Indian girls should be aware of sex education and carry condoms.

“When the sexual desire is fulfilled men won’t kill. Women and the government are frightening rapists.

“Rapists are not finding a way to get their bodily sexual desires and are getting these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes killing.

“Better woman should accept men’s sex.”

Shravan stated that Indian women should know about sex education before going on to say that when a man’s sexual desire is fulfilled, they would not kill the woman.

Indian Filmmaker says make 'Rape without Violence' Legal - insta

Unsurprisingly, his social media posts went viral and led to many users slamming him for his vile comments.

One person said: “What kind of sick mentality does he have? Disgusting and disturbing. I am tired of this misogyny and victim-blaming.”

As more people condemned his views, Shravan deleted the post after many social media users threatened to boycott his films.

After taking down the post, Shravan tried to claim that it was a dialogue suggestion for an upcoming film, however, users did not buy into his claim.

He has since disabled his social media accounts.

News anchor Kubbra Sait wrote:

“Whoever this Daniel Shravan is: needs medical help, maybe some heavy duty whacks up his butt, will help him clear his constipated mind. Infuriating little p***k.”

Another person posted:

“Government should also encourage capital punishment for such suggestions. Useless Daniel!”

One person commented: “Am I the only one feeling sick after reading this !! Someone posted his bio, seems to be educated… what is he feeding on.”

Not only were Shravan’s views condemned by social media users but they were also slammed by a woman, reported to be his mother.

Indian Filmmaker says make 'Rape without Violence' Legal - mother

Representatives from a women’s group named ‘Narisena’ had approached the family and informed his mother of the comments.

She explained that she was shocked to hear her son’s statements and expressed her sadness at his views.

The mother went on to say that the comments have made her feel ashamed. She went on to direct her response at her son, telling him he should have never made the statements regarding any woman.

She told Shravan to apologise to all women and to seek forgiveness from them.

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