Indian Fashion Labels unite for India’s Covid-19 Relief

In an attempt to help India through its Covid-19 crisis, multiple Indian fashion labels are working with NGOs to provide Covid-19 relief.

Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief f

"we have limited resources, but we want to try.”

India is currently experiencing a ferocious second wave of Covid-19. As a result, countries and organisations around the world are rallying together to support them.

Additionally, multiple Indian fashion labels are also using their resources to help India through its crisis.

India is in urgent need of Covid-19 supplies, as well as funding to aid patients and their families.

As a result, many Indian fashion labels are taking the plunge from commerce to Covid-19 relief.

Various brands are also offering their proceeds to NGOs supporting the cause.

We look at some of the Indian fashion labels that are uniting for India’s Covid-19 relief.

Misho Designs

Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - misho designs

Global sculptural design jewellery brand Misho Designs is committing 100% of the proceeds from their Mina Sung Cuffs to Covid-19 relief charities.

According to founder Suhani Parekh, she is also considering donating 10% of Misho Designs’ overall sales.

Parekh, who is currently based in London, said:

“My heart is in India, it’s where both my family and team is.

“It seems to be the smaller brands who are responding, but I hope bigger brands also become a part of this.”


Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - aranyani

Bengaluru-based brand Aranyani is another accessory brand that is pledging to donate a percentage of its profits to Covid-19 relief.

It is also ensuring all its workers are retained and given food and medical insurance.

Its founder, Haresh Mirpuri, said:

“Our response to the pandemic and the assistance required was a natural reaction.

“We identified the nature of access that was needed and worked immediately to fulfil them.

“This was possible by keeping efforts focused to who we could assist in a timely fashion.

“That was our craftsmen and the community immediately in the vicinity of our atelier. In doing so, the only aim has been to help fellow-countrymen in need.”


Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - ampm

Established Indian label AM:PM is donating 30% of all its sales throughout May 2021. The funds will go to an NGO helping to make Covid-19 vaccinations free and accessible.

Priyanka Modi, AM:PM’s creative director, said:

“To every organisation and individual out there, my sincerest request is to contribute.”

“As a starter tip, do some quick research on the many relief organisations relentlessly doing good work and donate to whichever you deem fit.

“Encourage everyone around you, including your customers to contribute.”


Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - drawn

Until Wednesday, May 5, 2021, 100% of sales from Drawn’s True-Blue Belted Dress will go to Hemkunt Foundation, which is working to get oxygen cylinders distributed across India. The dress is priced at £30.

Clearly, Drawn is doing what it can to help India in its battle against Covid-19.

The brand is in keeping with the slogan on its Instagram account, which reads:

“As a small business we have limited resources, but we want to try.”

The Jodi Life

Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - the jodi life

The Jodi Life is also working with Hemkunt Foundation to provide Covid-19 relief.

This craft-driven, ready-to-wear label is donating 50% of its sales to the NGO until Sunday, May 2, 2021.

The brand is also offering a 20% discount on all sales online using the code JODICARES.


Indian Fashion Labels unite for India's Covid-19 Relief - tanzire

Another brand working with Hemkunt Foundation is Tanzire.

This demi-fine handcrafted jewellery brand is pledging 100% of its sales to Covid-19 relief.

Tanzire is donating its sales to both Hemkunt and Mission Oxygen India until Monday, May 3, 2021.

Other Indian labels rallying together for India’s Covid-19 relief are Isharya, Eurumme and Twinkle Hanspal.

Many Indian and international organisations are joining India’s battle against Covid-19.

Multiple charities such as the British Asian Trust and Water Aid are also working to help India through its crisis.

To find out what you can do to help, click here.

Louise is an English and Writing graduate with a passion for travel, skiing and playing the piano. She also has a personal blog which she updates regularly. Her motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Images courtesy of Misho Designs, AM:PM, Drawn, The Jodi Life and Tanzire Instagram and Aranyani Twitter

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